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Article: The Future of Brass Instruments

The Future of Brass Instruments

The Future of Brass Instruments

Where the World of Brass Instruments is Heading and How KGUmusic Plans to Be a Part of That Future

Brass instruments have undergone significant transformation over the past century, with notable advancements in accessories, customization options, and overall design. Since this process of changing and improving is likely to continue, our company tries to foresee the future needs of musicians on the way of their artistic expression.

What is on Horizon?

Comparing brass instruments of the past century and those available today we experience noticeable transformation. We do believe that in order to have a glimpse of the future we need to make a step back to the past and look at the gap between then and now.


In the early to mid-20th century, accessories for brass instruments were limited to basic mutes, valve oil, and traditional cases. Today their range has expanded, providing musicians with more specialized mutes, including ones of genuine leather, advanced cleaning kits, ergonomic mouthpieces boosters of various forms and weight, optimizers for breaking the habit of unintentional mouthpiece pressure on the lips.trumpet flugelhorn accessories kgumusic

When it comes to storage and transportation, musicians aren’t limited to only textile bags or hard-shell cases. Bags, made of genuine leather such as Detroit, Flotar, Crazy Horse, are available on the market today and impress customers with a variety of color options. Apart from bags for trumpets and flugelhorns, modern musicians can store their mouthpieces in specially designed holders and pouches.

trumpet flugelhorn musician brasswind kgumusic

Looking to the future, we anticipate the constant improvement of accessories for brass instruments by implementing more revolutionary and practical solutions. For instance, like many others companies, our company produces deflectors, designed to enhance the performance in conditions of poor stage monitoring. However, unlike most models, our deflectors don’t steal space in the case and don’t cause annoying routine with screws, since we incorporated the nuts and folded legs into it. As the result, assemble and disassemble take very little time.

Another example of the innovative approach is our optimizers. We use magnets instead of the spring in their construction that results in a more durable device.

Considering all these achievements, we can predict that the number of advanced components for accessories will increase in the near future. And we’re looking forward to it as we like challenges.


In past centuries, musicians could choose from a set selection of models, and modifications were often limited to basic adjustments. Today we have an absolutely different situation. Customization has become a defining feature of modern brass instruments. Musicians are interested in making their trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, French horns more personalized. Speaking about trumpet customization, it’s worth to mention custom finger buttons, valve stems, and trim kits.

trumpets flugelhorns brasswind kgumusic

Depending on their preferences customers can choose cheaper versions of finger buttons with plastic stones available on the market, however, visiting our website, they can find finger buttons with natural stones of rich colors and unique patterns that go well with raw, lacquered, gold and silver finishes.

Speaking about the future, we believe that 3D printing technology will push the boundaries of possibilities for more intricate designs and tailored modifications, giving musicians a better control over the look and feel of their instruments. However, we also believe that musicians will keep appreciating handmade products and genuine materials as a significant manifestation of their demanding characters. 

Materials and Technological Integration

When it comes to materials, brass instruments of the past centuries were traditionally made from brass alloys, with minimal experimentation in materials. Craftsmanship and design were essential factors in sound quality. Technological features in brass instruments were virtually non-existent. Musicians relied on their skills and the inherent qualities of the instrument.

Then modern innovations in metallurgy and materials have come, which have led to the exploration of alternative alloys, carbon fiber components, and hybrid constructions. These developments improve resonance, durability, and weight distribution. Speaking about technological integration, some models feature embedded sensors for performance feedback, and others can connect to digital interfaces for recording or modifying sound.  There is high probability that smart practice tools and augmented reality applications will be actively used in future for further enhancing the practicing experience.


Earlier environmental considerations were not a prominent factor in instrument manufacturing, while today there is a growing emphasis on sustainable practices. Companies produce instruments and accessories from eco-friendly materials. They try to adopt greener production methods to align with environmental concerns.

Our company foresees a future where eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes will become the most important point. We’re ready to explore innovative materials, able to resonate with sound quality while keeping them safe for the environment.

Educational Platforms

We believe that there will be the growth of educational platforms for aspiring musicians. Since we already live in the age of online learning and virtual tutorials, there is a high likelihood that future musicians will use interactive apps as important components of their practice. Musicians of various skill level will share their knowledge and tips with others rapidly and without leaving their home or studio. We think even more of them will become freelance teachers and mentors, who will make live-streams, webinars, and exclusive content available to subscribers on Patreon.

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