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About Us

  Welcome to KGUmusic, a brand founded by two passionate musicians from Ukraine, Maksim Gopanchuk and Mikhailo Kuznetsov. Our journey began in 2004, when Maksim, a trumpeter in jazz and classical music bands in Kyiv, started selling wind instruments. Bringing musical instruments to Ukraine from abroad, Maksim realized the potential to complement his range with custom accessories, leading to the establishment of our own production line.

  In 2008, Maksim and Mikhailo, who had met while studying jazz at the R. Glier Kyiv Academy of Music, decided to fully commit to their business. They saw the creation of customized components for musical instruments as akin to producing fine jewelry, where every detail influences both the look and sound of the instrument. Thus, they decided to manufacture their products in Ukraine, a country known for its metalworking heritage. The company's name, KGUBrass, reflects the initials of the co-founders (Kuznetsov and Gopanchuk) and the letter "U" for Ukraine.

  The roles were divided: Mikhailo focused on marketing and website promotion, while Maksim handled manufacturing, product development, and logistics. Despite the challenges of the 2008 crisis, KGUBrass thrived by collaborating with skilled craftsmen, producing high-quality accessories from the start.

  Our first major lesson came when our initial order didn't fit the customer's instrument, revealing the need for a detailed database of instrument specifications. This setback became a stepping stone to our commitment to precision and customer satisfaction.

  Over the years, our product line has expanded significantly. From standardized boosters, trim kits, and saxophone screws, we have moved into leather products and exclusive limited editions. We continuously seek inspiration from customer feedback and strive to surprise the music world with innovative ideas. Mikhailo's dedication to introducing our products to musicians worldwide includes teaching master classes and producing educational content.

  By 2019, KGUmusic had entered leading markets in the USA, Europe, and Asia, collaborating with major wind instrument dealers. Overcoming challenges in international transactions, we established a steady flow of funds through Payoneer, which propelled our global growth.

  In 2020, we proudly participated in the Payoneer International Entrepreneur of the Year contest, winning the "Disruptor of the Year" award among 3,500 entrepreneurs from 120 countries. This achievement inspired us to support other Ukrainian manufacturers by sharing our experiences and knowledge.

   The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges, but our commitment to customer service (including free shipping and special offers) led to significant growth. We expanded our team, enhanced our media presence, and initiated collaborations with renowned musicians and music schools.

  Our experience in the musical world provides us with the valuable insights, we take into account our personal needs as performers and turn these needs and ideas into our products. In 2021, the company introduced a new brand MG Leather Work. You can check out MG LW products on our website.

  In 2022, we rebranded from KGUBrass to KGUmusic, reflecting our broader focus on various musical instruments and accessories. Our products now cater to drummers, pianists, and guitarists, in addition to wind instrument players. We continue to innovate, using our experience as musicians to create high-quality items for all music enthusiasts.

  Thank you for being with us on this journey. You know that there is a terrible war in Ukraine now, started by Russia against our country. Our company is located in Ukraine, and we are doing our best to help our people who are in a difficult situation. Your support means everything to us. Despite the difficult times our country is facing, we are committed to our mission and excited to introduce new products to you.

  Explore our offerings and join us in making music a more enjoyable and enriching experience for everyone.