The Role of Mouthpieces in Trumpet Play and the Advantages of KGUmusic Mouthpiece Boosters.


Many components affect the quality and character of the sound produced by the trumpet; however, the mouthpiece plays a pivotal role among them. Despite its small size, this accessory is able to shape the tone, playability, and improve the overall performance of a trumpet player. Let’s explore the significance of mouthpieces and advantages of incorporating mouthpiece boosters to enhance performance.

All You Need to Know About a Mouthpiece

A standard trumpet mouthpiece consists of several components: a cup, throat, backbore, and shank. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in both functionality and sound production.

  • The cup is the rounded, concave portion of the mouthpiece that contacts with the player's lips. It influences the timbre and resonance of the sound.
  • The throat is the narrow passage that connects the cup to the backbore. It affects airflow and the speed at which air travels through the mouthpiece.
  • The backbore is the tapered section that extends from the throat to the shank. It influences the projection and stability of the sound.
  • The shank is the portion of the mouthpiece that connects to the trumpet. It comes in different sizes and shapes to fit various models.

Mouthpieces influence several crucial sound characteristics. Different cup shapes, depths, and materials result in a wide range of tones, allowing trumpet players to make their sound suit various genres and musical contexts. The size and shape of the cup also impact a musician's ability to produce different registers and articulations. The correct mouthpiece choice can enhance a player's playability and comfort. The mouthpiece is a great tool for developing and maintaining a strong embouchure, as the interaction between the lips and the mouthpiece rim affects the proper technique and endurance.

Advantages of Mouthpiece Boosters

Mouthpiece boosters have gained popularity among musicians interested in refining their sound and playing experience. Made of durable materials like bronze with a high copper content or plastic, these devices are inserted between the mouthpiece and the trumpet's lead pipe. The boosters can improve the sound in a few ways:

  • Better Resonance. The musician using a booster can achieve a more vibrant sound.
  • Increased Stability. Secure connection between the mouthpiece and the trumpet improves stability during play, especially in the upper register.
  • Mouthpiece boosters offer additional customization options for musicians who would like to fine-tune their setup.
  • Improved Endurance. Some players use these devices to reduce fatigue during extended playing sessions.

At KGUMusic website, you can find a few types of boosters, compatible with the most popular standard mouthpiece models (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen):

Heavy (Weighted)

These boosters are designed to add mass to the trumpet setup, and improve the balance and resonance of the instrument. By changing the distribution of weight of the instrument, the players can achieve a better stability, projection, and a fuller sound. Weighted boosters might be particularly beneficial for musicians seeking a more centered feel during performances.


These accessories are designed to meet the demands of classical trumpet playing, providing a refined and clear sound with good projection, balanced tone, and stability during play. This is the best choice for musicians, playing in orchestras. A booster designed for classical playing provides a secure connection between the mouthpiece and the trumpet.


This booster stands out among our products due to its carefully crafted design, considering weight, styling, and geometry. It allows for even distribution of weight between the booster and the mouthpiece, enabling these components to function as a single unit.


This middleweight booster creates the effect of an easy tone, which improves the response of the instrument. It helps trumpet players to take notes in the whole range more easily.

We also use a great variety of finishes to make our boosters able to meet most needs. You can choose from the following options:

Raw Brass

The boosters with raw brass state develop a unique patina over time. If you choose this one, you’ll definitely experience the natural, vintage look it imparts.

Black Finish

These boosters with a very distinct appearance look visually appealing and can provide you excellent durability.

Silver Plating

This classic finish for trumpet accessories stands out due to a shiny appearance and offer corrosion resistance.

Gold Plating

Gold plating adds a dash of luxury, so it’s mostly favorable by demanding individuals. Some players believe it provides a warmer and smoother sound compared to silver.

Lacquered Finish

Antique copper and antique bronze lacquer finishes are valued for their vintage appearance. They impart an aged look to the surface of the booster, visually evoking the impression of historical brass instruments. These finishes offer an excellent option for customization to express personal style.

Final Point

We invite you to explore our diverse range of mouthpieces designed to shape your tone and playability, as well as boosters with the potential to improve resonance and stability. These additional tools enable you to unlock new dimensions of artistic expression.

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