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Article: From Student to Professional: How KGUmusic Accompanies Trumpeters on Their Musical Journey

From Student to Professional: How KGUmusic Accompanies Trumpeters on Their Musical Journey

From Student to Professional: How KGUmusic Accompanies Trumpeters on Their Musical Journey

From Student to Professional: How KGUmusic Accompanies Trumpeters on Their Musical Journey

Over the years, our company is embracing the fundamental philosophy: utilizing our knowledge and deep passion for music to create high-quality products for musicians of different skill levels. Drawing inspiration from our own preferences and customer feedback, we continuously evolve our ideas to address the demands of musicians at various stages of their musical journey. We accompany our customers — from aspiring musicians taking their first steps to professionals seeking customization and additional accessories.

Everything for the Start of the Journey


The starting point of any trumpeter's journey is their instrument. Our company offers a great variety of well-known models to shape the musician's voice. Among our offerings, you can find Yamaha and Bach trumpets ready to meet the needs of beginners and seasoned performers. Some models are customized by using our own products, making each instrument unique with excellent visual and sonic characteristics.custom trumpet kgumusic bach yamaha


The mouthpiece is the heart of a trumpet; however, our boosters play a significant role in achieving better stability, balanced tones, improved projection, and a fuller sound. Our range of models includes classical, heavy (weighted), cone, and radius boosters, crafted with precision and attention to detail. Whether you seek better resonance, stability, or customization, our boosters stand ready to take your performance to the next level.trumpet mouthpiece boosters kgumusic


Mouthpiece Pouch

Understanding the need for secure storage of mouthpieces, we offer visually appealing leather holders for multiple pieces in various color options, capable of securely containing accessories. Due to the leather material, customers can easily customize these holders by embossing.

trumpet mouthpiece pouch holder kgumusic

Trumpet optimizer

This device is crafted specially for practicing and playing without excessive mouthpiece pressure. It helps to control how the musicians take higher notes and effectively breaks the habit of unintentional mouthpiece pressure on the lips. Unlike other models available in market, our optimizer contains magnets instead of the spring in its construction that makes the device durable, moisture-resistant and practical since you can change the activation rate.trumpet optimizer kgumusic

Valve Guards

These accessories are crafted to protect the important parts of the instrument from oil and sweat from hands. Made of genuine leather in a variety of colors, they add attraction to the trumpet while the absorbent characteristic of the material reduces the risks of destructive influence from moisture.trumpet valve guard kgumusic

Cleaning Kits

Despite all the accessories for appealing look and excellent sonic characteristics, the most important thing is to care for your instrument properly. Considering the importance of trumpet upkeep, we offer cleaning kits to ensure the instrument remains in perfect condition. Our cleaning products include aqua nozzles for quick cleaning inside, removing particles and dust, and towels for maintaining a shiny surface by eliminating fingerprints and other defects that can spoil the impression.trumpet accessories kgumusic

Products for More Demanding and Professional Musicians

Custom Finger Buttons

They are available in various materials, shapes, and designs. We incorporate Nuuminite, Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, and other natural stones to create a unique ensemble with raw brass, silver, antique bronze, or copper finishes.

trumpet custom finger buttons kgumusic

Valve Stems

These small accessories affect smooth valve action and the ability to produce resonant notes. Our product range includes valve stems made of stainless steel and long-lasting brass, available in raw brass, silver, gold, and lacquer finishes.trumpet valve stems kgumusic

Trim Kits

These kits may include valve caps with engravings, a variety of color options, finger buttons encrusted with natural stones, and other decorative accents. You can find these trumpet modifications in a wide range of styles.trumpet trim kit kgumusic

Double Gig Bags

In response to the requirements of touring musicians who often use multiple instruments during concerts, our company has designed double and triple cases. Strong genuine leather make them both practical and attractive solutions. Equipped with additional pockets and large compartments to keep instruments and accessories separate, these bags prevent harm.trumpet bag kgumusic


The device in the form of an acrylic disc is very helpful in situations with poor monitoring on stage or during open-air concerts in windy weather. When attached to the bell, this accessory redirects the sound toward the ears, ensuring a high-quality performance despite external factors.trumpet deflector kgumusic


We already have many products for improving performance and visual appeal of the trumpet. However, our company continually develops new ideas, expanding the range of products for beginners and professionals on our website. We invite trumpeters of all levels to explore our offerings. Each product we create is crafted with a passion for music and a dedication to accompany trumpet players on their musical journey.

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