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Article: Original affordable gifts for double bass players


Original affordable gifts for double bass players

It’s always not easy to choose an appropriate gift for the musician, if you have no understanding of what would work best.  Obviously, you’d like to spend money on something worthy, helpful, that costs not too much and won’t end in a rubbish bin. If you’re shopping for a perfect inexpensive gift for a double bass payer, we have some interesting items. These ideas are fine for contrabass players working with various genres – classic, jazz, rockabilly, psychobilly, rhythm and blues, rock, country etc.

The bow is an instrument used for producing various tones by pushing it across the strings with a certain arm force and weight. Because of such a great role, the bow demands care and safety.

The bass bow quiver is a holder, specially designed for keeping a double bass bow during the concerts. For instance, when a musician needs to switch to a playing technique that doesn’t require a bow, it’s the best way to put it to a reliable place where it’s safe from falling. And that what a quiver is helpful for.

The quiver is attached to the double bass with the help of laces. The construction consists of a rigid frame, which keeps the holder open, so musicians can quickly put a bow there or take it from the quiver as soon as they need it.



Made of genuine leather, it reliably keeps the bow safe from any outside impact during transportation or travelling. Due to the rigid frame it keeps its forms. As the case for a bass bow is equipped with a shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry in urban conditions, in public transport. The case is suitable for keeping either French or German bow. We also have a double case for keeping two bows at once.

The natural leather makes the case durable and stylish. We use three types of leather – Detroit, Crazy Horse and Flotar. Each of them has its own beautiful texture. The variety of colors provides a chance to choose an option that matches a personal musicians’ style.

Both bass bow quiver and case can be personalized according to the customers’ wishes. We can complement them with an embossed names or initials, that makes them even more unique as a gift for Birthday, World Music Day, Christmas and other significant dates.


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