3 awesome gift ideas for drummers

If you want to show some love to your friend who is a drummer in a jazz, rock or pop band, give up the idea of buying lame souvenirs or shiny baubles. The drummers need meaningful and practical things that don’t end like rubbish standing somewhere in the corner and collecting dust. Spend your money on accessories for staying well-organized at the concert or customized things made of premium materials. No idea what it would be? Then check out our list of 3 best gifts for drummers:

1.Drumsticks. What your friend definitely needs is a pair of drumsticks. It’s obviously that he or she will be happy to have some good stuff in reserve. However, you have to make a little research and especially know what model he or she prefers, as there are loads of drumsticks of various sizes and materials.


2. Drum key with a leather keyholder. A drum key is an amazing gift, which can look even more impressive if it comes with a neat keyholder made of genuine leather. Drummers can never have too many drum keys. You know, they like to have their keys at a quick access and in a reliable place. Although the leather keyholder costs not so much, it can be highly appreciated. What’s more, it’s easy to make a holder a bit more personalized complementing it with your friend’s name or initials.leather-drum-key-holder

3. Compact leather drumstick bag (100% handmade). Attractive exterior, premium material and well-thought functionality will definitely conquer your friend’s heart. Such a bag is designed to become a cozy place for everything drummers need in everyday life, in tours or for recording session, no matter whether they are professionals or students and what kind of style and the band they are working with. Due to the adjustable straps, the musician can easily place the bag on the tom drum, while zippers in the upper part provide quick access to the sticks.





All gift ideas featured here have a great value and will be welcomed by a drummer at any occasion – Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Music Day, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Defenders day or Teachers’ Day.



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