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Article: 3 products that change your sound


3 products that change your sound

Sometimes you don’t really need a high cost upgrade in order to take your standard sound up to a new level. The crucial thing hides in details, often very compact, but yet able to push your limits and open a new chapter in your creativity. Below we offer you a list of things, with which you get an absolutely different sound of your trumpet.

  1. Classic trumpet mouthpiece booster

This item is compatible with most popular mouthpieces – Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen. It’s well-crafted in terms of weight, geometry, and design, so that this detail doesn’t spoil the visual esthetic of your trumpet. A booster attaches to the mouthpiece firmly and doesn’t provide any unnecessary vibration, as well as never falls off during the concerts. Using it, you can get a darker sound and improved low register. The booster holds your sound together, and that’s why this extra gear works well, if you’re playing in jazz bands. It also solves the problem of carrying lots of mouthpieces with you, as you don’t really need them, if you have this accessory.

  1. Trumpet heavy trim kit. KGUBrass

It’s not only about visual attraction of your trumpet, it’s also about having an improved response, dynamic, tone, and endurance. The trim kit reduces the energy loss, makes a tone a bit warmer and eases your jumping with octaves. Classic restrained design looks impressive as it combines high quality materials with delicate shape that doesn’t spoil the overall impression. Trim kit includes: 3 top caps, 3 bottom caps, 3 finger buttons, 3 rubber or felt pads. For a more individual look, we offer beautiful natural stone inlays for finger buttons.

  1. T.A.F. - KGUBrass trumpet adapter for Flugelhorn mouthpiece

T.A.FH - Trumpet adapter for French Horn mouthpiece

These accessories are aimed at expanding sonic characteristics of your trumpet. You can feel like a multi-instrumentalist, even not having a variety of musical instruments. While the adapter for Flugelhorn mouthpiece with a deep cup provides your trumpet with a mellow flugelhorn sound, the adapter for French horn mouthpiece makes it possible to reach a deep and warm French horn sound. An easily installed and compact adapter is a better choice for music experiments at home or in the studio, as you don’t need to switch between different trumpets.


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I purchased the cone booster and was literally blown away by the difference it made, both in slotting and centering and in providing more control of soft pp playing!! I immediately purchased 3 more for friends! This booster is revolutionary!!

barney boller

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