Gift ideas for flute players

Looking for a practical gift for flute players can be rather challenging. However, even if you’re not very experienced with the world of flute music, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a good choice. If this is your case, check out our list of gift ideas for flute players. We have plenty of awesome things that your friends will appreciate.

KGU music flute bag

This bag, combining canvas with genuine leather Crazy Horse, is complemented with a carrying handle, two closure belts and a shoulder strap. In order to protect a flute from temperature changes, it contains a warming layer.

Flute bag classic style

Made of Crazy Horse leather and equipped with an adjustable strap, this bag is aimed at musicians who appreciate practical and durable solutions. The model comes in many color options, and is complemented with a warming layer for a better protection of your instrument in cold weather.


Flute and piccolo flute bag Italian leather

Both bags are made of Italian leather Flotar, aimed at serving many years and staying attractive. The flute bag is equipped with a spacious compartment for C or B flute, laptop, paper A4, while the piccolo bag with a metal chain can be used either for its main purpose or as a bag for going out.

Flute genuine Detroit leather gig bag

Designed for women, this bag combines attractive genuine leather texture with such practical solutions as high quality zippers, a shoulder strap and side pockets. It’s big enough for keeping two flutes at once that makes it the best choice for touring.


Genuine crazy horse leather flute bag

Elegant and classy model, created for women who are looking a perfect bag for traveling or everyday life. It’s spacious enough for keeping two instruments, comes in many colors, and is equipped with little side pocket for accessories.


Genuine Flotar leather gig bag

This bag combines long-lasting and beautiful Flotar leather available in various colors with such practical features as a big compartment for two flutes, high quality zippers, inside pocket for accessories, leather straps and a shoulder strap


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