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Flute and piccolo flute Bag Italian leather

Duet: bag for flute with C foot, B foot, laptop+ piccolo flute bag with a metal chain, two woman bags for flutes, Flotar leather
• Two bags made of natural leather Flotar: a bag for flute with C foot, B foot, laptop+ a piccolo flute bag with a metal chain
• Handmade with love and care
• Both come in many color options
• Complemented with high-quality embellishments: snap hook, metal zippers
• Contain outside and inside pockets for small accessories
Product Description
Our unique and practical offering includes two handmade bags for flutes with reliable embellishments and a well-thought design. Both are made of durable Flotar leather with excellent properties, able to stay attractive for years.
The first one is a bag with a spacious main compartment able to hold a flute with a C foot, a B foot, a laptop, a music sheet A4, and a piccolo flute. It’s complemented with an adjustable strap which is easy to regulate and comfortable to carry on a shoulder. This flute bag also contains one outside pocket without a zipper and one inside pocket for small accessories. A warming layer inside the bag keeps a flute safe from a sudden change in temperature.
The second one is a piccolo flute bag that can be used either for keeping a flute or for going out with friends. Due to a neat look, it’s able to create an awesome duet with an evening dress. This all-purpose woman bag is complemented with an attractive metal chain, and inside and outside pockets for additional accessories.

Genuine leather bag for flute with C foot, B foot, piccolo flute, flute bag with adjustable shoulder strap
• Spacious main compartment for holding sheet music A4, a laptop, flutes with C and B foot, piccolo flute
• Material: natural leather Flotar in a variety of color options
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• High-quality snap hook and metal zipper
• Outside pocket without zipper
• Inside pocket for small accessories

Genuine leather bag for piccolo flute with a metal chain, piccolo flute bag for going out, evening bag, and piccolo bag two in one
• Attractive, neat design
• Durable and beautiful material – Flotar leather
• Complemented with a metal chain
• Outside and inside pockets for documents and small accessories
• Can be used for carrying a piccolo flute or as a going-out bag
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