Abalone gemstone as a part of our upgrade for musical instruments

An ear-shaped abalone shell comes from the ocean and is known for its healing and spiritual features. It’s a symbol of strength and independence, as the abalone shell keeps a beautiful look even being influenced by the mighty ocean tides and storms. While the outside is dull and has nothing exciting, the inside of the abalone shell has a sparkling surface that can’t be compared to any other thing or stone in the world.  

Actually, abalone is a variety of mollusks that have univalve shells with a fusion of greens and blues.  Somehow, the inner side of the shell reminds the waves, rolling in beautiful patterns. Each shell has the one and only display of colors, so that you can’t find two pieces that look exactly the same, which make them as unique as human fingerprints.

Abalone shells are mostly used as a decoration for home to protect the space from the negative energy and vibrations. The abalone shell is believed to create an emotional balance and protection. Abalone shell also helps to establish the relationships with the surrounding world at the psychic and instinctive levels.

Due an amazing play of colors, this gemstone is a very popular part of the jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets. Wearing them, people connect themselves with the power of water element that protects them from darkness that enters the personal space.  Especially the abalone gemstone impresses when being used in a mosaic tile, which creates an awesome rainbow dichroic effect, resembling the traces of oil in the ground after the rain.

Implementing various ideas in order to deliver interesting accessories for musicians and their musical instruments, we also couldn’t pass by this unique creation of nature. What our company is doing is pairing an abalone gemstone with various materials to create a unique accessories and upgrades for trumpets, flutes, saxophones.

This gemstone looks eye-catching being nestled in raw brass, antique bronze, pure, blackened and golden silver, white, yellow and red gold. We use an abalone gemstone as inlays for:

  • trumpet finger buttons
  • saxophone heavy neck screws
  • crowns for flutes

Abalone inlays help to create unique customized, the one and only pieces for demanding musicians, who prefer to stand out among the rest and make an accent on a personal style.

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