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Article: 5 things you should know about our leather wallets

5 things you should know about our leather wallets

5 things you should know about our leather wallets

When premium material meets the handcrafted to perfection design, you get an awesome thing of which you can feel proud. When it comes to musicians, they appreciate the creations, made with the same great passion that they experience with the music.

As we know the world of music from inside as well as have a clear picture of musicians’ needs, it was a rather logical decision to bring to life the idea of long-lasting and good-looking wallets with embossed pictures. However, what makes them especial among other products?

  1. The choice of material. We produce our wallets of high quality leather, which have the pleasant texture and a great variety of colors – from black to marsala. The leather is strong enough to provide you with many years’ enjoying the esthetical look and natural beauty. It helps to create a wallet you won’t feel ashamed of, but in spite of that you’ll definitely want to show it and boast about it.
  2. A great variety of prints. We decorate the wallets with embossed pictures of famous musicians, playing different instruments. That makes searching for a perfect gift much easier if you want to impress a true fan of jazz or an aspiring guitarist who follows the same pattern as his idols. Our offering includes the wallets with pictures of world-known saxophonists, trumpeters, guitarists, bassists, pianists, singers. We also produce wallets decorated with embossed musical instruments.
  3. Beautiful exterior and practical interior. Visual attraction is not the only thing we pay attention to when creating wallets. In order to make them practical and useful we complemented them with enough space to fulfill their main function. Our wallets have compartments for paper currency, coins and cards. If you prefer using the cards, you can place an order for wallets only with compartments for cards (see the option Style in our shop).
  4. Compact design. The wallet is definitely the thing for which the size matters a lot. You’ll hardly be happy if this accessory takes too much space or doesn’t match the pocket at all. Those problems are not about our compact creations. For this need, we made them folding models able to fit the pocket, the bag, and deserve compliments from your friends.
  5. Gift idea for any occasion. Sometimes you face the problem when your friends or relatives have a birthday party, and you can’t decide what to buy them. Or your colleagues celebrate a professional holiday, and you suddenly run of brilliant ideas. Who will be happy with one more knick-knack? In the situation like that, choose a wallet with embossing. It doesn’t look boring and cheap, however, demonstrates your appreciation and a good taste in their best form. 

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