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Article: Edwards Trombones: Customization and Craftsmanship

Edwards Trombones: Customization and Craftsmanship

Edwards Trombones: Customization and Craftsmanship

Most musicians associate Edwards trombones with high precision and innovations, aimed at pushing performing boundaries. The company offers high-quality trumpets and trombones with many options for customization. In this article, we will explore the brief history, popular models of Edwards trombones and trombonists whose career is accompanied by Edwards trombones.


The Brief History of Edwards Instrument Company

The history of Edwards Instrument Company started in 1989. They began with a clear idea of how their musical instruments for professional musicians should look like and what tactile sensations they should bring. Edwards Instrument Company is closely connected with the Getzen Instrument Company, which is their parent company. All the manufacturing processes are done in Elkhorn, WI.

edwards instrument company

Each instrument featured in their collection is created by experienced and skilled craftsmen. Many people belonging to the team have been embodying progressive Edwards ideas for many years, constantly improving their approaches and enriching knowledge. The high competence of their team speaks for itself through a wide range of trumpets and trombones, which meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Models of Edwards Trombones

The company produces a variety of trombones to meet the needs of various musicians. The instruments are divided into two categories: tenor trombones with small and large bore and bass trombones.

Bass and Tenor trombones by Edvards

Among the collection of tenor trombones, you can find the following models:

  • The Edwards T302 jazz trombone with a small bore, available in yellow, rose and red brass.
  • T396-AR tenor trombone with rotor and harmonic bridge, aimed at professional musicians, functioning well for solo performance and playing within an orchestra section.
  • T350-HB tenor trombone with an Axial Flow Valve system equipped with the patented harmonic bridge.
  • T350-E with a perfect setup, the number one choice of orchestral trombonists for two decades.

Among the bass trombones, you can select:

  • B502, functioning as a perfect professional horn with consistent sound throughout all registers and excellent resonance in soft dynamics.
  • B454-V-E with valve tuning options, and custom lead pipe options available in silver and brass.
  • B454-E adaptable to any performance setting, equipped with independent double Axial Flow valves.

This is not the full list. More models of tenor and bass trombones you can find at the official website of Edwards Instrument Company.  

What Innovations the Company Offers

The Edwards Instrument Company does their best to provide their instruments with distinctive features that advanced players will appreciate. The features include:

  • Various types of brass. The company offers their customers trombones made of yellow brass (70% copper, 30% zinc), rose brass (85% copper, 15% zinc), and red brass or bronze (90% copper, 10% zinc).
  • Modular Design. The company offers various models of trombones, known for their modular designs. This means you can customize various components such as lead pipes, valve section, and slides to make them a perfect match for your playing style and personal taste. You have no limits in combining different details except the one rule – you should choose the correct types suitable for a particular model, as jazz, tenor, and bass trombones have distinctive features.
  • Improvements in valve technology. Edwards Company has been at the forefront of innovations in valve technology. Many Edwards trombones feature Thayer Valve System which minimizes the air flow and provides more open, smooth and free-blowing experience compared to traditional rotary valves.
  • Attention to every detail. When their craftsmen build trombones, they pay attention to whether the articulation is clean throughout registers, whether the instrument provides a deep tone for coloring the music, as well as how the core sound sounds like and whether it has the balance of overtones.

Which Musicians play Edwards Trombones

Edwards Trombones are favored by many talented artists working in various settings, from symphonic orchestras to opera houses worldwide. Some of them include:

Clifton Anderson
Trombonist Clifton Anderson

He is one of the best contemporary trombonists of the jazz genre. Clifton is famous for being a member of Sonny Rollins since 1983 and performing as a soloist with them by today. Furthermore, he is also a founder of the film production organization “Change the World Productions”. Clifton Anderson plays in world-famous halls and music venues, shares his experience through trombone clinics and workshops, as well as provides private lesson at academia.

Sam Armstrong
Trombonist Sam Armstrong

He is a member of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, who also collaborated with Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Sam is a very active educator, who frequently takes part in various seminars and provides masterclasses to musicians in China, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Michael Boscarino
Trombonist Michael Boscarino

A very active musician from New York who participated in various projects including recordings for jingles. Michael regularly plays in the musical “A Night with Janis Joplin” on Broadway. Michael performs his trombone parts at the best venues of New York and has pleasure to collaborate with many renowned musicians during his career.

Nathaniel Brickens
Trombonist Nathaniel Brickens

A vocal advocate for the trombone and an active member of the International Trombone Association, Nathaniel Brickens also works as a Professor of Music at The University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches a trombone. The musician has performed with many famous orchestras, including the St. Louis Symphony, the Kansas City Symphony, the Houston Symphony and more. He also toured with the Texas Opera Theater Orchestra.

How to Become Edwards Instrument Company Endorser?

Musicians, who want to become their endorsers, should have an order history with this company. The Edwards Instrument Company is interested in sponsoring trombone players who not only have passion for music but also have already tested their products. They prefer musicians with personal experience who consistently play on their trombones and explored Edwards instruments benefits by themselves.

Final Words

Edwards trombones embody advanced innovations, the variety of brass and excellent sound characteristics. The instruments reflect the professional approach of the selected team of craftsmen who treat every detail with care and attention that results in trombones that meet the highest quality criteria. Musicians working in various genres around the world choose Edwards trombones for their smooth and free-blowing features, beautiful appearance and the modular design allowing them to create customized instruments suitable for a particular playing style.

You can discover information about other brands of famous musical instruments such as Holton French horns, Muramatsu flutes, Selmer saxophones, Schilke trumpets, Martin Committee, Taylor Trumpets, and Bach Stradivarius.  

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