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Article: The Craftsmanship of Muramatsu Flutes

The Craftsmanship of Muramatsu Flutes

The Craftsmanship of Muramatsu Flutes

Without exaggeration, Muramatsu flutes are associated with exceptional beauty in every inch, quality, and high-level craftsmanship. Founded in 1923 by Koichi Muramatsu in Japan, the company has grown to one of the world’s most outstanding flute manufacturers, offering flutes made from 928 sterling silver, as well as 9K, 14K, 18K, and 24K gold, and platinum. In this article, we will explore the history, unique characteristics and variety of Muramatsu flutes.

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Brief History: Who Invented Muramatsu Flutes

For nearly a century, Muramatsu flutes have been winning the hearts and souls of soloists and musicians of famous orchestras around the world. However, everything began with a spark of inspiration. After an artist Koichi Muramatsu heard a Boehm system flute for the first time, which was absolutely new to Japan, he immediately felt an inspiration to design these flutes himself.

Koichi Muramatsu

He had no idea where this creation would lead him or how huge his idea was destined to become. It was in 1923 when he made this decision. Back then, there were not so many flute players, and Muramatsu put all his efforts, knowledge, and passion into his idea. His was devoted to what he did, which laid the foundation for what later became a family legacy.

In 1962, Koichi Muramatsu’s legacy was passed to his son, Osamu Muramatsu. Nowadays, the company is one of the most popular flute making companies in the world, owned and led by Koichi Muramatsu's grandson, Akio Muramatsu.

Muramatsu flutes are sold not only in Japan but across the world. The company respectfully preserves traditions and high standards set by the founder. It continues to design high-quality flutes and maintain friendly relationships with flute players from different countries. 

Why Are Muramatsu Flutes So Good?  

The secret of brilliant quality and the overall success of the company is based on Koichi Muramatsu’s philosophy and artistic vision. He believed that every artisan had to be a flutist. Only by understanding this instrument from the perspective of musicians, one can meet their demands as an instrument designer.  Without detailed study of the flute, it would be impossible for Muramatsu artisans to design the instruments, which we know under this brand today. Muramatsu’s success has been and continued to be based on research, investigation and constant development as well as great passion to the flute.

Muramatsu flutes

Muramatsu’s vision resulted in a wide range of models with superior tone, precision, and reliability. From the first years of their appearance, brilliant Muramatsu flutes exceeded the expectations of flutists. The number of musicians who chose this brand kept growing rapidly. Although the Muramatsu Flute Company has fame and respect from world’s famous artists, it embraces its renown with humility and continues to design and manufacture flutes with an idea to satisfy contemporary flutists’ needs. 

Muramatsu flutes

One of the key features of Muramatsu Flutes is their consistent quality. Each flute is handcrafted by skilled artisans who incorporate traditional methods and modern technologies. The process runs under control at every stage, which results in the instruments that meet the highest standards.

What Muramatsu Flutes You Can Buy

Muramatsu offers a wide range of flutes made from various materials, including sterling silver, gold, and platinum. The choice of materials and well-thought-out construction results in flutes that are both visually attractive and able to produce a rich, full-bodied sound.

Muramatsu flutes

The model range includes:

  • EX-models for beginners and professionals, handmade from the head joint to the foot joint
  • GX all-silver models for brass bands, orchestras, and solo performance
  • DS flutes with high quality drawn holes for smooth legatos, designed for expressive music
  • SR all-sterling silver models for enhanced pitch, rich resistance and sharp attacks
  • PTP platinum models with a wide dynamic range and clear tones
  • SR-PTP models for solid sound, sharp attack and quick changes during performance
  • All gold flutes with excellent flexibility and perfect response

That’s just a few models. There are more flutes, combining elegance in every line with enhanced sound characteristics.

Innovative Features

Muramatsu flutes are famous for their innovative features that directly affect performance.

  • Handcrafted Headjoints. As a critical part of the flute, headjoints significantly influence the sound. Muramatsu creates them to provide perfect response and a wide dynamic range.
  • Precise Key Mechanism. The key mechanism of Muramatsu Flutes works smoothly to provide musicians with comfortable playing.
  • Custom Options. Muramatsu offers custom options to make the flute more personalized and matching to particular playing styles. The company offers options like engraved headjoint and engraved keys.

As instruments with superb craftsmanship and outstanding tonal qualities, Muramatsu Flutes won the heart of many flutists in various countries, including James Galway, Emmanuel Pahud, and Marina Piccinini.


Muramatsu Flutes embody great dedication of their makers, love to music and extensive experience. The company follows standards set by the founder and delivers flutes with consistent quality. Whether you are a professional flutist or a beginner, you can find your perfect flute among Muramatsu collection.

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