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Article: Schilke Trumpets: Precision and Performance for the Modern Musicians

Schilke Trumpets: Precision and Performance for the Modern Musicians

Schilke Trumpets: Precision and Performance for the Modern Musicians

In the world of brass instruments, Schilke trumpets have become synonymous with precision and performance. These musical instruments are highly favored by professional musicians and teachers due to their craftsmanship and innovative designs. Schilke trumpets are also known for their custom built and adaptation to individual preferences. In this article, we will explore the key benefits of Schilke trumpets, their design, and the reasons why they have become a number one choice for modern musicians who don’t want to compromise between quality and sound.

Custom trumpets and accessories for them

Schilke Trumpets: How It All Started

It started with a founder of the Schilke Company, Renold O. Schilke, interested in music and art of instrument making. He was a very qualified individual who learnt from the best teachers such as Max Schlossburg, Herbert L. Clarke, George Mager, Del Wright, Edward Llewellyn. As a professional orchestral trumpet player, he performed in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the WGN Radio Symphony. Furthermore, he was also the musician who founded the Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet. He taught at numerous universities and always had a steady stream of private students.

Renold O. Schilke

From the early days of his career, Renold O. Schilke was passionate about the idea to help young musicians discover and develop their talents. He had a clear understanding of the challenges beginners faced during their first steps in the realm of music. Renold O. Schilke understood that both inexperienced and professional musicians needed high-quality equipment to express their feelings and emotions through music.

Schilke spent a few years working on the design of musical instruments and acting as a consultant to top manufacturers before he founded his own company in 1956, which was going to specialize in bringing ideas of his own instruments and mouthpieces to reality. He set a goal of providing beginners and professionals with musical instruments and equipment, which were as perfect as possible. That’s how the foundation was laid for crafting excellent instruments, mouthpieces, and other musical accessories and becoming what we know today under this brand name.

Renold O. Schilke

Renold O. Schilke was very dedicated to his goal. Driven by his desire for innovation and the pursuit of perfection, he consistently advanced the design and playability of brass instruments, which made his Schilke trumpets a staple in the music industry.

Three years later after he founded a company, his instruments were already in such a high demand that he needed a larger workspace, so he purchased a bigger shop in West Lake St. in Chicago. The following years, Schilke Music Products constantly grew and gained even more popularity, which led to move to S. Wabash location where Schilke’s instruments became a reason for the best world musicians to visit this place.  Every artist wanted to try how Schilke instruments felt and sounded.

Why Are Schilke Trumpets So Good?  

The craftsmanship of Schilke trumpets speaks for itself as soon as you look at their design. Each trumpet is created with the high precision to bring a pure joy for trumpet players during performances.  The company has always made an accent on consistency and durability of their instruments. Musicians select Schilke trumpets for the following reasons:

Variety of Trumpets

Today’s collection of Schilke trumpets includes: Bb trumpets, C trumpets, higher key trumpets (E, Eb/D, G, G/F) and piccolo trumpets. These trumpets are available in Classical Soloiste, HD and Custom Series. For those who seek unique design, the company offers Handcraft and i Series. 

Schilke Trumpets

The Classical Soloiste Series features models with a rich and beautiful core tone that can rise above the grandest orchestras. The Custom Series include a great variety of options of bell taper and bore size, to help classical, chamber, solo, jazz, or commercial musicians find the model with the right feel. HD Series features instruments with a rich tone available in silver, 24K gold plate, and lacquer finishes.

Handcraft Series offers instruments able to produce vintage tone. I Series includes models aimed at all kinds of genres and skill levels. Regarding the series of piccolo trumpets, C and Bb/A piccolo models have always been “standard of the industry” and offer musicians a variety of interesting design, eye-catching appearances, high-quality tonal and intonation characteristics.

Material Quality

Schilke trumpets are crafted from high-grade brass, with excellent tonal properties and durability. Depending on the series, trumpets can have a yellow brass bell or a copper bell. Each brings its own advantages. Yellow brass bells make the tone consistent in color in any dynamic, while copper bells’ tonal quality changes with the dynamic, delivering a darker sound with low volume and a brighter sound as soon as musicians increase volume. Schilke instruments come in various finishes, including silver, gold plating, as well as lacquer finishes. The plating both makes trumpets more appealing and affects their sound.

Valve Mechanism

The valve mechanism in Schilke trumpets is known for its precision engineering. Schilke uses Monel pistons, known as the best pistons in the industry. They are resistant to corrosion and wear. The valves of Schilke trumpets are characterized by smooth, quick action, which allows musicians to execute fast passages with ease and high accuracy. This precise alignment and superior craftsmanship of the valves make the instruments more responsive and reliable.

The valve mechanism in Schilke trumpets

 Bell Design

Among Schilke trumpets, musicians can find models with various bell designs crafted to serve for different playing styles. The bells are designed with a thought of enhanced projection, tonal richness, and clarity. Schilke’s bells are available in various sizes and shapes. Larger bells provide a more powerful sound, while smaller bells produce more focused tone. Some Schilke trumpets are equipped with a "Beryllium" bell, crafted from lightweight copper, which makes the projection more direct.  All Schilke Bb, C, Eb/D, and G/F custom-built trumpets are quipped with detachable tuning bells, which provide musicians with excellent intonation and a better feel. Tuning bells make trumpets more open and responsive, especially when musicians play in the upper register.

Ergonomics and Durability

Schilke trumpets feature ergonomic design, which provide musicians with a high level of comfort during extended playing sessions and concerts. Trumpets are well-balanced and lightweight, so artists don’t feel any strain on their body, however experience exceptional control and agility. Due to the finest materials and attention to detail, Schilke trumpets serve for many decades. It means once investing in Schilke instruments, beginners and experienced trumpeters can rely on their clear, vibrant sound and construction quality for years.


Schilke trumpets deliver modern musicians everything they search for in musical instruments: exceptional sound quality, a wide range of models suitable for all musical genres, ergonomic design, durable materials, and beautiful finishes. In fact, Schilke trumpets not only meet demanding requirements but also exceed them. Whether you are a professional trumpeter or a student, Schilke trumpets will become your best companion on the way to achieving your musical goals.

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