Taylor Trumpets: The Art of Creating Hand-Made Brass Instruments

Taylor is the company with a well-earned reputation in the world of brass music. They produce carefully crafted hand-made brass instruments, including trumpets and flugelhorns, since 1989. Their creations captivate the hearts of musicians of various age and skill level due to their perfect balance of design and sonic characteristics. Musicians appreciate Taylor brass instruments for their great tone, quality construction, comfortable playability and attractive design.

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Taylor Brass Instruments Variety

The company offers a great variety of trumpet and flugelhorn models. Among them, musicians can find the instrument that matches their artistic needs.

Such a trumpet model like Piranha, known as one of today’s most versatile trumpets, will satisfy seekers of wide dynamic range, light construction and huge sound.teylor trumpets custom trumpets by KGUmusic
Chicago models feature a few trumpets, each with its own advantages. Custom models allow brass players to experience more volume and sound with less effort. A bit lighter Standard trumpets are easier to play, with a wise weight distribution and more power and dynamic range than Lite models.

Lite trumpets, considered a good option for jazz bands and ensembles, can boast of even transmission of energy along the full length of the receiver and leadpipe. VR trumpets are aimed at musicians with a more traditional classical approach, and they can act like perfect lead horns.chicago teylor trumpet kgumusic
Taylor also creates Hybrids for those musicians who would like to renew or customize their instruments to give them a new life or push the artistic boundaries. The company can change some parts of instruments such as a leadpipe, bell, main tuning slide assembly. The Hybrids may also include incorporation of custom cap set or inlaid finger buttons into the original trumpet construction.teylor trumpets kgumusic
Taylor is also known for their compact trumpets Pocket Pro 2, able to provide comfortable playing with clear sound projection in noisy settings. These trumpets do a stunning job for musicians from street and party bands with much noise all around them.teylor pocket pro trumpet kgumusic
As for flugelhorns, musicians can try Phat Boy model featuring a combination of old-school creamy sound and a good dynamic with quick response.teylor flugelhorn kgumusic
The Phat Puppy flugelhorn models boast of much easier playing compared to regular flugelhorn models and very compact dimensions, not taking too much space in a musician’s bag.taylor phat puppy flugelhorn kgumusic
Customers can also buy the instrument that take the in-between position between the trumpet and flugelhorn – the Ballad Horn, able to act like both of them, depending on the musician’s performance.teylor ballad trumpet kgumusic
Taylor brass instruments convey a sense of meticulous craftsmanship, with heart and soul evident in every detail. They have their own character and the spirit of authenticity. The craftsmanship speaks for itself in numerous reviews and feedbacks from both musicians with extensive experience and young players, trying various instruments to find their own voice. They admire Taylor brass instruments for their excellent blowing characteristics, very good response across the entire range, good pitch center and consistent tone qualities. For many of them, the name Taylor has become a synonym of excellence in the custom trumpet category.

Our Collaboration with Taylor

KGUmusic has the honor of collaborating with the renowned Taylor company on our way to bring to life new custom instruments. We buy bells from Taylor and install them on our instruments that beneficially takes creative ideas to new heights.kgumusic teylor custom trumpets
Taylor's carefully crafted bells help us enhance the sound quality and resonance of our brass instruments. Thanks to this collaboration, we have already created one trumpet model and the first flugelhorn model. The shared dedication to producing instruments inspires us, so there will definitely be more freshly designed custom models in the near future.kgumusic teylor custom flugelhorn
By integrating Taylor's brass components into our own manufacturing process, we uphold a high level of quality in our creations, ready not only to meet but also exceed the expectations of musicians seeking exceptional tonal quality and craftsmanship.

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