KGUmusic-Taylor collaboration Flugelhorn


Introducing the "KGUmusic-Taylor collaboration Flugelhorn" – a symphony of collaboration and craftsmanship. This flugelhorn is the first of its kind, born from a unique partnership between KGUmusic and the renowned Taylor Trumpets.

Assembled in Ukraine by KGUmusic, this instrument harmoniously combines a bell flare produced by Taylor. The design is a reflection of KGUmusic's signature style.

The flugelhorn boasts a bell made of fine bronze, contributing to its rich, dark sound. This instrument stands out not just for its visual appeal but also for its distinctive sound – a blend of KGUmusic's innovative design and the celebrated tonal qualities of Taylor Trumpets.

The KGUmusic-Taylor Heritage Flugelhorn is more than just a musical instrument; it's a piece of art, offering musicians a unique combination of visual elegance and auditory excellence.





Taylor, bronze material, 150mm (6 inches)

Valve Section

Carol Brass

Trim Kit

Heavy KGUmusic

Mouthpiece Leadpipes

Included (for both thin and thick shank mouthpieces)

Mouthpiece Leadpipe Screws

Two types included: 1. Light classic 2. Heavy


Patina covered with a matte lacquer


Flugelhorn bag made of natural "Crazy Horse" leather in brown MG Leather Work


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