Natural stones as an upgrade for your trumpet

When someone talks about the natural stones, we usually imagine the gorgeous women’s rings or men’s pendants. What about the stunning “jewelry” for your trumpet? What if these precious things improve the sound? Our trumpet finger buttons, decorated with turquoise, nummite and lapis lazuli as inlays, are the products where esthetic meats the practical function.

Each natural stone has its own color, pattern and history, which helps to look individual and memorable. Who won’t be happy to hear like someone says: Look, that cool lad has a trumpet with stones”. In addition, used with the trim kits, these upgrades really help to make the sound warmer. Choose what works best for you:

  • Turquoise. This stone is easily recognizable due to the blue-to-green color, which immediately creates the image of the endless sea in our imagination. During many years, turquoise has been a favorite stone of shamans, known as a stone connecting the earth with heaven and spiritual worlds. It embodies wisdom, hope, a good fortune and is believed to block negativity and prepare you for a new beginning. Turquoise stone is an appropriate choice for people born under the sign of Sagittarius. Its alluring color will definitely add some special attraction to your raw brass, silver or golden trumpet. 

            trumpet custom finger buttoms by KGUBrass. Turquoise                                                                                                

  • Nummite. Being known as a stone of empowerment and a sorcerer’s stone, nummite is a good choice for musicians who don’t set the limits of their possibilities and always move forward. Its enchanting black color with traces of yellow, green, red and orange goes well with copper, bronze, silver and gold finish.  Nummite is considered to be the oldest mineral we have on earth, so using it as a decoration you can feel like owing something absolutely unique and eternal, which witnessed the circle of generation change. Maybe its mystical energy is really what you miss for discovering your full potential as a musician…
           trumpet custom finger buttoms by kgubrass             
  • Lapis lazuli. This stone was present in the inlay of the death mask of King Tutankhamen. The famous artist Michelangelo got blue paint by grounding up lapis lazuli. Used as a remedy and protection amulet in ancient times, lapis lazuli draws attention to its deep-blue color with traces of gold. It’s the stone of truth and friendship, so it works well as a gift for your best friends, with whom you are thick as thieves. It’s also believed to be the wisdom stone, able to bring peace and harmony to his owner.

           trumpet custom finger buttoms by kgubrass             

    Whatever you look for, a special gift for a trumpet player or new ways for making your own representation at the stage especial, trumpet finger buttons with turquoise, nummite and lapis lazuli perfectly cope with the task. They create a unique character, and make your instrument a source of fascination. 

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