Interesting facts about lapis lazuli

It’s impossible not to love this stone of attractive royal blue color with golden flecks, which draws the image of the starry night sky in our imagination. Used for creating different objects and medical elixirs in the ancient times, nowadays, lapis lazuli is a popular component for the jewelry. We also couldn’t ignore its great esthetic features. Our admiration resulted in stunning trumpet finger buttons with the lapis lazuli inlays. However, why is this semi-precious gemstone so especial?

  • An important component for creating an ultramarine color pigment. The outstanding Italian painter Michelangelo grounded up lapis lazuli in order to get the paint for his artworks, which he was working on during the Renaissance period.
  • Its name means “blue stone”. “Lapis” has the Latin origin and means “stone”, while “Lazhward” comes from the Persian language and means “blue”. Still many people prefer a short form of the name “lapis”.
  • It influences the relation between people. Lapis lazuli is the stone of friendship, truth and honesty. No reason to explain why all kinds of jewelry and upgrades with it work well as gifts for your devoted friends. It improves the understanding between people, helps others to accept who you are.
  • It enhances the intellectual abilities and creativity. It’s believed to be a great improver of your communication skills and memory. The blue color of lapis lazuli provides enlightenment, opens mind and improves self-confidence.
  • A great emotional healer. It makes your positive energy and mind stronger. Lapis lazuli copes well with depression, grief, sadness. It’s a reliable protector against anxiety. It also restores the balance between female and male parts of your personality. With lapis lazuli, you will see your goals clearer and feel a stronger motivation for moving forward.
  • Lapis lazuli was used as inlays for outlines, eyebrows and a collar of beads around the neck on the mask of Tutankhamen. 

      Whether you want to add some luxury vibes to your instrument look or create a nice surprise for a trumpet player, trumpet finger buttons with lapis lazuli will be an excellent choice.

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