A few amazing facts about nummite.

First discovered in Greenland, nummite is known as a sorcerer’s stone due to its powerful energy. Today it is a widely used material for creating amulets, pendants, and necklaces. In our shop you can place an order for unique upgrade – custom finger buttons for your trumpet, made of nummite which creates a stunning combination with all kinds of finish. However, nummite is worth admiring not only because of the black color with traces of yellow, green, red and orange. There are many amazing beliefs and meaning behind it.
• The oldest mineral, approximately 3 billion years old. It was formed as the result of volcanic eruptions. For all appreciators of the unique old things, it’s an incredible experience to be the owner of such a treasure.
• A strong connector between physical and spiritual worlds. The nummite creates the channel to the higher knowledge and influences the way you perceive the world. It can enhance your intuition and make your thoughts clearer. Resonating with the earth vibrations, this stone can discover all the talents and potential creativity you already have.
• It’s believed to increase your luck. Being a powerful element of mystical vibration, it improves your spiritual growth. Therefore, you are able to reach new heights and push your limits.
• An activator of the third eye. Nummite is able to unlock unique people’s abilities and inner vision of the past life.
• A powerful protector from negativity. People take it for a good amulet from harmful dark magic and dangerous spells. It’s a reliable shield against negative energy, which creates a clear environment around you.
• Physical, emotional and spiritual healer. Nummite can reduce stress, set you free from the headache, infections, tension. What’s more, it works with chakras, which helps to feel motivated and refreshed. It creates the harmony between the intellect and intuitive wisdom.

          kgubrass trumpet custom finger buttom            152 SAX HEAVY NECK SCREW. KGUBRASS. (SOPRANO, ALTO, TENOR, BARITONE)
Even if you’re not a great believer in all those things, finger buttons with nummite inlays would be a great addition to your trumpet or an excellent gift for a friend who plays in the band.

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