5 facts about turquoise we use for encrustation

Throughout the world, jewelry designers incorporate turquoise into their fancy creations. We also couldn’t stand aside from offering trumpet players some special upgrades – the custom finger buttons encrusted with this natural stone of a sea color. However, turquoise is not only about its alluring blue-to-green color. Being fond of different stories and legends, we all dig deeper in search for some special and personal meaning of such things. Here are some interesting facts about turquoise:
1. It had a privilege of creating its own color name. Its color was too special to describe it just as something between blue and green. Not a stone has got his name because of the color, but the color has got its name due to this stone.
2. It’s known as a sky stone. Tibetan and Nepalese people believed that turquoise came from the sky above. They saw it as a powerful instrument able to protect everyone who carried it. From the early years, children got this gemstone as a gift in order to have a peaceful and safe life.
3. It can change the color. Long ago, this feature became a reason for some interesting beliefs. People thought that the gemstone changed its color as soon as the person wearing it was threatened. Seeing the color change people tried to find the safe place or improve something in their lives for better. Today the reason for the color change is explained as the result of the prolonged influence of the direct sunlight, heat and cosmetic products. However, using a soft cloth for cleaning can maintain its attractive look.
4. It’s believed to be the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Turquoise can set the connection between the earth and heavens, so no wonder that it was highly appreciated by shamans. Due to the great spiritual value, the ancient Egyptians buried the dead with turquoise. The Aztecs used this gemstone as inlays in their handcrafted masks. Turquoise was also popular among Native Americans as they used it for creating amulets, talismans, pendants and other jewelry.
5. It’s a perfect gift for the people born in December. Turquoise is a significant thing for those, who are interested in horoscopes and mystics. It’s believed to be able to boost the energy, block negativity and improve the creativity. Turquoise is the stone of Sagittarius, so if you have a friend who is a representative of this zodiac sign, feel free to impress her or him with our high quality upgrades.                      TRUMPET CUSTOM FINGER BUTTONS            152 SAX HEAVY NECK SCREW. KGUBRASS. (SOPRANO, ALTO, TENOR, BARITONE)

Trumpet finger buttons with turquoise will definitely add some spice to the standard look of your instrument. In addition, it’s an astonishing gift idea for your friends and relatives engaged in brass bands.

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