Custom saxophones: how do we breathe a new life into vintage models

Who doesn’t want to become an owner of the musical instrument with a legendary story, great intonation and ergonomics? Our company makes this dream closer to you. We’re buying top-level saxophones. All of them belong to the professional level and represent collector’s items. The bought instruments are undergoing some re-establishments, which help them to get a new look and yet preserve their vintage sound.
In some situations, we try to restore the original finish and appearance as good as possible, by using only high quality and original components. In other situations, we provide the instruments with a modern look with the use of the best materials and accessories. Usually in such cases, we apply the black, brown or dark blue ceramic lacquer or complement the saxophone with heavy neck screws made by KGUBrass. We can refresh the look of the brass instrument with the stone inlays or new thumb rests for a more comfortable hold. As the original vintage thumb rests are often not so practical in use, we replace them with the new ones, which are easy to regulate. As the result, the instruments get a new improved appearance without losing their individual sound characteristics.
Some of our saxophones are complemented with an absolutely new mechanics in order to let musicians enjoy playing to the fullest and yet be satisfied with the original sound. On the contrary, we provide the other saxes with a more vintage look, restoring their technical characteristics. We coat saxophones with patina and cover them with matte or gloss lacquer. For this purpose, we apply the electrostatic painting technology requiring baking in special ovens, which is very popular among the most famous manufacturing companies.
After coating with patina, some models are complemented with artificial aging by adding scratches (satin finish), so they get a look of naturally aged instruments. All saxes have a legendary story, but after such a customization they look even more individual. Therefore, each customer has a chance to become an owner of a real one-off piece, as we try our best not to overlap the style of other models.
We keep a legendary past days of the instruments by returning them to the 2nd or even 3rd life. All saxes are provided with high quality springs and genuine leather pads produced in the USA.
7 advantages of buying custom saxophones from us:
1. A great variety of legendary models from the most famous world’s manufactures
2. High-end metal from which instruments are made
3. Unique vintage sound of each model
4. Attractive design, restored closely to the original
5. Customized models with the best repair parts and accessories: neck screws with natural stone inlays for a classy look, thumb rests for a comfortable hold
6. After being completed each sax is tested by the professional and the saxophone player
7. If needed we refine the instrument until we’re satisfied with the result
If you buy a musical instrument from us, you become an owner of the one and only custom model. Many of unique legendary saxophones from famous brands are ready to be sent to you: Saxophone Alto SML Model 49, Saxophone Tenor The Martin Tenor, saxophone Buescher Aristocrat Series III, Alto YAMAHA YAS-82ZWS WoodStone ISHIMORI , Saxophone Tenor CONN New Wonder II Converted Chu Berry, Saxophone Alto The Martin Committee II, Saxophone alto Conn Connstellation 28M and others. Don’t miss a chance to get a world-class instrument here and now!


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