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Article: How to upgrate your trumpet?

5 tips on how to upgrade your trumpet by KGUBrass

How to upgrate your trumpet?

5 tips on how to upgrade your trumpet  

You might have been dreaming of taking your performance up to the new level or enhance the visual attraction of your trumpet. There’s a wide choice of accessories aimed at improving of how your instrument looks and sounds. The installation of some of them requires a professional help. However, there are also easy and quick ways of how to do it yourself. From this article, you will know more about them.

  1. Trumpet mouthpiece booster. Experiment with different mouthpieces on your way to a more comfortable feel and an individual sound. You can also use a booster – a clever upgrade able to push the limits of what your standard mouthpiece can do, especially tone and pitch wise. It’s very easy to install. Many musicians confuse a booster with a mouthpiece, as it perfectly combines with it. Check out the video of Andrea Giuffredi to see how it works . If you use several mouthpieces and a booster, care about an appropriate place for keeping all of them. This is what a trumpet mouthpiece pouch is made for. You can choose a leather holder for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 mouthpieces.
    trumpet mouthpiece booster by KGUBrasstrumpet mouthpiece booster by kgubrass
  2. Trumpet Trim KitEnhance your trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn with an easily installed trim kit. There are a plenty of them, including heavy, light and elegant variations. Their main function is to reduce the energy loss and vibrations.
    trumpet trim kit by KGUBrasstrumpet heavy trim kit by kgubrass
  3. Trumpet finger custom buttons. Try custom finder buttons in different finishes and sizes encrusted with natural stones. This type of upgrade is a good way to add some luxury vibes, as it looks astonishing and neat. The visual attraction in not the only advantage. Used with the trim kit, finder buttons help to customize the sound.
    trumpet custom finger buttons by KGUBrasstrumpet finger buttons by kgubrass
  4. Leather accessories. Your trumpet can look really refreshed and stylish with a leather valve guard, which protects the surface from sweat. Leather pouches are good for keeping all your mouthpieces in one place. A single or double trumpet bag with comfortable handles and removable backpack strap is a real must-have for touring musicians and active travelers.trumpet valve guart by kgubrasstrumpet mouthpiece pouch by kgubrass
  5. Cleaning & Care accessories. You might surprise how many small particles gather inside your trumpet during every day practice. The cleaning nozzle removes dirt from inside in a few seconds, while a care towel is essential to make the finish more shiny and neat.trumpet cleaning accessories by kgubrass

All these upgrades bring much joy and make your daily routine easier. They work well as excellent gift ideas for trumpet players on any occasion: Christmas, New Year Father’s Day, Independence Day, Defenders day, Teachers’ Day, Music Day, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Patrick’s Day.

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