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Article: Australian trumpet virtuoso James Morrison

Australian trumpet virtuoso James Morrison

Australian trumpet virtuoso James Morrison

James Morrison is a well-known Australian jazz musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and a true virtuoso with exceptional talents, who played in ensembles of various levels. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of his career, success and contribution to jazz.

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James Morrison’s Early Years and Career

James Lloyd Morrison was born on November 11, 1962, in Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia. He came from a musical family, so started his musical journey early and with a rapid progress, quickly achieving remarkable results. When he was six years old, he started playing the piano, a year later he moved to the brass, at nine, he formed his first band and at thirteen, he was already playing concerts in nightclubs like a professional musician.

James’ main instrument is a trumpet, but he also plays trombone, flugelhorn, saxophone, tuba, euphonium, clarinet, double bass, and guitar. Morrison completed a jazz course at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he met jazz and swing musician Don Burrows, who became his mentor.

James Morrison’s Career Highlights

James Morrison gained his first recognition by performing at major jazz festivals and events in Australia. At the age of sixteen, he performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival in the USA, which considered his international debut. With his older brother John, he established Morrison Brothers Big Bad Band, consisting of 13 musicians, which included trumpets, an alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, bass and drums.

James Morrison’s trumpeter Early Years

Morrison played the “Himno de Riego” at the Davis Cup final in Australia in 2003, which was actually the wrong Spanish national anthem. It caused much confusion, although the explanation was simple: James learned the incorrect tune by mistake.

Morrison's talent didn’t go unnoticed, especially at the international level, resulting in performances with famous jazz musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown, B.B. King, Woody Shaw, Frank Sinatra, Arturo Sandoval and Wynton Marsalis. He was a guest soloist, performing with the Black Dyke Band at their anniversary concert in 2005, and then travelled with them as a special guest during their Australian tour.

James Morrison’s  with Dizzy Gillespie

James Morrison has recorded many albums, featuring his versatility and prowess. The most notable albums include "A Night in Tunisia" and "Snappy Doo".

He has collaborated with The London Symphony Orchestra and the European Brass Ensemble. He delighted the audience with his performance at the Royal Albert Hall. James has written an opening fanfare for the Olympic Games. The musician also performed for Queen Elizabeth and two Presidents of the USA – Bush and Clinton. What’s more, Morrison has broken a Guinness record as the musician who conducted the largest orchestra in the world. James frequently appeared on TV programs and jazz radio stations.

James Morrison’s Contributions to Jazz

James Morrison stands out in the jazz scene as a very energetic and innovative performer. He draws attention with his great technical skills, as well as a talent to play multiple instruments during a single performance.

Trumpeter James Morrison

He is famous for his educational efforts. Morrison sponsors scholarships for musicians and collaborates with youth bands. He also closely worked with Generations in Jazz, serving as a chairman of the organization and helping run the largest youth jazz events.

James has even founded the James Morrison Academy of Music, where musicians can earn their degrees in jazz performance. Also, he frequently shares his knowledge during workshops and masterclasses, helping young performers become a powerful new generation of jazz talents.

James Morrison’s Recognition

Morrison has received numerous awards and honors, including the Order of Australia for his contribution to music education. He also has a few Australian Independent Record Awards, the ARIA Music Awards, MO Awards, the Bell Awards, and others. All these awards prove his excellence as a performer and composer.

Final Word

James Morrison is continuing to inspire young generations of jazz performers. He successfully promotes jazz and live music, remaining an influential figure in the world of jazz with an enormous dedication to his main passion and education.

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James Morrison appartient à ces “Géants” qui réussissent de véritables prouesses avec leur trompette, C’est à se demander si des musiciens aussi doués sont vraiment des humains ?
MM. James Morrison, Arturo Sandoval, Wynton Marsalis, Wayne Bergeron, Eric Miyashiro, Jon Faddis, Andrea Giuffredi, Till Bronner et beaucoup d’autres trompettistes m’impressionnent tant ils maîtrisent leur art à la perfection.
Je me souviens, lors d’une interview Arturo Sandoval avec répondu : " Il n’y pas de secret, du travail, du travail et encore du travail, TOUS les jours.


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