Trumpet SPECIAL V6 Trim Kit. KGUmusic


KGUmusic SPECIAL V6 Heavy Trumpet equipment is designed to improve the instrument's sound, and playing characteristics and emphasize the individual style of musicians. 

♦ NET Weight - 250 grams / 0,55 lb
 GROSS Weight with box - 380 grams / 0,83 lb

 ♦ Height:
 - of Top Cap - 14 mm / 0.55 in
 - of Bottom Cap - 18.5 mm / 0.71 in
 - of Button - 7.5 mm / 0.28 in

 ♦ Outer diameter:
 - of Top Cap - 23 mm / 9.05 in
 - of Bottom Cap - 23 mm / 9.05 in
 - of Button - 17 mm / 6.69 inKGUBrass SPECIAL Trim Kit

  • Experience the essence of racing dynamics with the V6 Heavy trim kit. Drawing inspiration from the heart of a sports car, the V6 caps mimic the function of pistons, enabling swift and bold articulations in your trumpet play.

  • The GRID Heavy trim kit enhances the trumpet's appearance with its captivating magnetic allure. Mirroring the intricate web of life's decisions and experiences that shape us, the Grid components reflect your personal sound and musical interpretation through your instrument.

  • The EDGE Heavy parts bring an industrial-inspired geometric design, blending straight edges with curves in a way that visually represents the trumpet's sonic range—from smooth and mellow to sharp and cutting tones.

  • For those seeking to accentuate their trumpet's design with a Heavy kit, the CONE Heavy kit stands out. Its unique reverse tapers on the valves add a subtle yet striking enhancement to the instrument's profile, underscoring its elegant lines.

♦ Stone Inlays

 Finger buttons can be additionally decorated with Natural Stone InlaysTrumpet Trim Kit by KGUmusic

(!) Please take to attention that inlays are made of natural minerals and each set may have individual patterns that can be a little different from the ones you see in the picture.

♦ The kit contains:

  • 3 Top Caps
  • 3 Bottom Caps
  • 3 Finger Buttons
  • 3 Rubber or Felt Pads


Searching for an accessory that enhances your trumpet's flexibility, precision in attack, and stability across all dynamics? Discover our Custom Trumpet Trim Kit – an essential tool for any musician aiming to elevate their sound to unprecedented heights, all at an attractive price.

This Trim Kit minimizes energy dissipation in the standing wave, resulting in immediate improvements in response, dynamics, tone, and stamina. It's an invaluable asset for those looking to boost their instrument's efficiency and achieve a warmer tone. With this kit, octave transitions become smoother, and its elegant, understated design adds a touch of sophistication to your instrument. Seize the opportunity to refine your trumpet's sound with unparalleled clarity and fullness across its entire  dynamic range.


    1. Clean all valve threads thoroughly.
    2. Gently lubricate the thread. 
    3. Mount the cap accurately, do not apply extra effort. Sometimes the thread is tight so, proceed slowly.

    Should you encounter any issues with the fit of the caps, please reach out to us with details of your instrument's brand, model, and serial number, along with the product's order number specifically made for you.

    Occasionally, it may be required to send your trumpet to our facility for precise fitting and the installation of a specific component, particularly if your instrument has undergone maintenance that altered its original setup.

    *If your trumpet model isn't listed, don't hesitate to get in touch for a tailor-made order.

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