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Revolutionize Your Brass Playing Experience with Our Exclusive Bundle!

Unlock the full potential of your trumpet playing with our specially curated bundle, featuring three groundbreaking products designed to enhance your performance, protect your health, and refine your technique. This exclusive offer combines the innovative KGUmusic Optimizer and the versatile Deflector KGUmusic. Embrace this opportunity to purchase them together at a discounted price, and let's dive into what makes each item a must-have for brass players and trumpeters.

1. KGUmusic Optimizer: Master the Art of Pressure Control The KGUmusic Optimizer stands as an essential tool for brass players aiming to correct excessive mouthpiece pressure, a common challenge that can lead to injuries and hinder performance. This innovative device utilizes magnets for a seamless, adjustable experience, allowing for precise control over mouthpiece pressure. It's designed for practice sessions, helping you to develop a healthier, more effective embouchure technique without the risk of lip damage. Perfect for students, beginners, and seasoned professionals alike, the Optimizer ensures your high notes are reached with ease and comfort.


  • Magnetic activation for adjustable pressure control.
  • Ideal for practice sessions to improve high note performance.
  • Prevents lip injuries and promotes healthier playing habits.

2. Deflector KGUmusic: Hear Yourself Clearly, Anywhere The Deflector KGUmusic is an acoustic marvel, designed to ensure you hear every note you play, regardless of the venue or weather conditions. This trumpet mirror, made of durable acrylic and equipped with an easy attachment system, reflects the sound back to you, enhancing your ability to adjust and perform confidently. It's a game-changer for live performances, especially in challenging acoustic environments.


  • Acoustic shield that redirects sound to the player.
  • Easy to attach and adjust, compatible with various bell sizes.
  • Compact and easy to transport, with quick assembly and disassembly.

Why Choose Our Bundle? Our exclusive bundle is not just about saving costs; it's about investing in your musical growth, health, and performance quality. Each product has been designed with the musician in mind, focusing on solving real-world challenges faced by brass players. Whether it's controlling mouthpiece pressure with the Optimizer, ensuring you can hear yourself perfectly with the Deflector.

Embrace the Future of Brass Playing Don't miss this opportunity to own these transformative products at a special bundled price. Elevate your playing, protect your health, and enjoy the music to its fullest. Join the ranks of satisfied musicians who have already discovered the difference these products make. Order now and step into a world of enhanced performance and musical satisfaction!

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