Trumpet Mute adapter for quiet practice (mute not included)

  • Quickly turn your jazz mute into the silent mute for comfortable practices
  • Provides an excellent mute sound – any problems with neighbors
  • Suited for all jazz wah-wah mutes with the hole diameter approx. 0.62 inches (16 mm).
  • Equipped with rubbers to offset the size variations and firmly close the trumpet mute hole
  • Doesn’t steal the space in your luggage due to the compact sizes
  • Saves your money: no need to buy a silent mute for practices when you already have a wah-wah mute
  • Mute not included!

Product Description

A practice mute is really useful if you want to remain friends with your neighbors. Using it, you can produce a mute sound for a quiet warm-up and comfortable practice at home. However, the issue is that the practice mute is a comparatively large-size thing, so taking it with you wherever you go or travel is rather problematic. What‘s more, apart from silent mutes for practice, trumpeters usually take with them wow-wow mutes on tours for performances at concerts. 

Wah-wah mutes provide a mute sound, which is not quite enough for practices at home or in a hotel room. It means going on tour, a trumpeter should take at least two mutes. Hold up! Our adaptor can save the day. You can insert it in a wah-wah trumpet, used for jazz performances, and get the same effect as when you use silent mutes for practices. The result: taking on tour just one wah-wah trumpet mute and silencer for it, instead of two large-sized mutes. No more reason to sacrifice the space in your luggage or add additional weight when you want to travel light. You shouldn’t spend $50 or even more on practice mutes. Use an adaptor with your jazz mute and you’ll get the same result. By inserting it a little or deeper into the trumpet mute you can change volume and resistance, so you additionally get an opportunity to control the balance of the sound.

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