Trumpet MONSTRO Bottom Valve Cap. KGUmusic


KGUmusic MONSTRO Bottom Valve Cap is specially designed to emphasize the sound characteristics of every trumpet. It changes the resonance of the instrument through the addition of extra weight to one valve, makes brass more stretchy, which improves instrument's tone, sound shades, response and general feelings.

Also MONSTRO allows to re-balance of a trumpet depending on which valve is equipped with it. Another advantage of this upgrade is a tighter and more comfortable grip, which also brings positive changes to your playing.

 ♦ NET Weight - 70 - 90 grams/ 0,15 - 0.19 lbs;

 ♦ Height:
 - of Bottom Cap Monstro - 60 mm/ 2.36 in.

 ♦ Outer diameter:
- of Bottom Cap Monstro - 23 mm / 9.05 in.

  • ELEGANT DESIGN. This Trumpet cap enhances your instrument with a unique style and refined appearance, ideal for discerning professionals.

  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION. Simple to apply, just clean and oil the valve threads before easily attaching the cap. For tight fits, proceed gently, allowing for quick adjustments during shows.

  • SOUND ENHANCEMENT. MONSTRO enriches sound qualities like response, dynamics, and tone while reducing unwanted vibrations for a warmer sound.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. Crafted for durability, these caps maintain their integrity over time.

  • INSTANT IMPROVEMENT. Experience a noticeable improvement in your trumpet's warmth, richness, and versatility from the start, crucial for a more impactful and personalized sound.

♦ The item contains:

  • 1 MONSTRO cap
  • Handmade box
  1. Clean all valve threads thoroughly.
  2. Gently lubricate the thread. 
  3. Mount the cap accurately, do not apply extra effort. Sometimes the thread is tight so, proceed slowly.

If the caps do not fit, contact us and indicate the make, model, and serial # of your instrument as well as the order number of the product manufactured for you. 

In some rare cases, it is necessary to ship your trumpet to our office for special fitting and installation of a particular part. This is especially true if your instrument was serviced and the stock configuration was modified.

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