Trumpet gift set #1 - Leather Pouch + Valve Guard


Leather colors


Gift set for a trumpet player includes 2 premium leather accessories in 6 colors.

1. Trumpet mouthpiece Pouch.  Made with genuine crazy horse leather to protect mouthpiece during your music journeys. 4 Models and 6 colors on your selection Single, Double and Triple made with Magnet closure to protect the mouthpiece from falling off. QUAD is a premium accessory to securely carry up to 4 mouthpieces along with your pocket stuff to keep all things in one place.

 2. Trumpet Valve Guard. High-class protection for trumpet valve block made with a thick but elastic piece of Crazy Horse. Gentle fiber inner layer secures valves from mechanical damage and finishes from tarnishing. Select among 6 colors to present your unique style.

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