Deflector KGUmusic for trumpet

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Deflector KGUmusic for trumpet, trumpet mirror, acrylic deflector for horn

  • Redirects the sound towards your ears in bad conditions during live gigs
  • Equipped with holes – for easy attaching to trumpets with big and small bells
  • Assemble/disassemble in 5-10 seconds without additional tools such as a screwdriver
  • Material: disc – acrylic, legs – polyester, mechanisms – brass and steel
  • Acrylic discs are available in a few color options: transparent or black (on customer’s request)

Product Description

The deflector KGUmusic is an acoustic shield, which redirects the sound toward your ears. How does our product work? It’s helpful in the situation when you’re playing on the stage with bad monitoring, and you neither can hear what you’re playing nor can influence the situation. It’s crucial when you’re playing an open-air concert in windy weather and the wind takes your sound away. All you need to prevent it is to clip the deflector onto the bell. As soon as you do it, the sound will be reflected from the deflector and comes back to you, providing better audibility.

Our deflector is equipped with holes, designed for comfortable attaching to trumpets with bigger or smaller bells. It’s also can be easily adjusted in a position closer or further from the bell. The disc of the deflector is made of acrylic, available in a few color options – transparent or black.

Unlike most other models, deflector KGUmusic doesn’t require much place in your case for storage or transportation. It also doesn’t have annoying screws you have to unscrew with a screwdriver every time.

In order to disassemble it, you needn’t have any extra tools – just unscrew the nuts with your hand and fold the legs, after that screw the nuts in order not to lose them. Less than in 15 seconds, the deflector turns into a super compact thing that fits your bag. The next day when you come to another concert, unscrew the nuts, unfold the legs, screw the nuts in order to fix them, and start playing!

The trumpet deflector is a great way to show your patriotism in style. Now you can choose to order it with the Ukrainian, American, or British flag, or simply create your own print (The image must be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels)

Order "Custom print" and send your picture to our mail INFO@KGUMUSIC.COM


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