T.A.FH - Trumpet adapter for French Horn mouthpiece



  • Improved sonic characteristics – your trumpet gets a deeper and warmer French horn sound
  • Easy installation in a few seconds
  • Absolutely compatible with mouthpieces for French horn
  • Compact size – saves space in your luggage
  • More possibilities for creative experiments – feel like a multi-instrumentalist not switching between the instruments

    Product Description

    If you want to get a bit warmer and deeper French horn sound during the recording, but you don’t have this instrument, you can fix the problem with the help of an adapter and a French horn mouthpiece in a few steps:

    1. install the adapter,

    2. install the French horn mouthpiece.

    Since you install the adapter on your trumpet, you’ll notice that your instrument starts sounding differently, the produced notes are deeper, with good low tones, which is especially welcomed for lyrical pieces. Even a few adapters can help you to sound like a multi-instrumentalist, which pushes your limits. Instead of changing the trumpet, you change the mouthpieces and adapters.

    Using such adapters, you can play various musical pieces – each of them with a certain mood and emotions. It makes it possible to imitate the brass band or woodwind section during recording in the studio. That all means more convenience, more creative freedom, and more interesting results that surprise you and your fans.

    Video on our YouTube channel with this mouthpiece adapter:

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