T.A.C. - KGUmusic Trumpet Adapter for Cornet mouthpiece.


KGUmusic mouthpiece adaptor for a cornet sound, deep cup mouthpiece adaptor for trumpet

  • Expanded possibilities of your trumpet. A KGUmusic mouthpiece adaptor is a good option for reaching the mellow sound with the trumpet, by using the mouthpiece with the deep cup.

  • Easy to use, fast to install. It takes a few seconds to place the adaptor. The device adds some length to the cornet mouthpiece and makes it compatible with the trumpet without distorting the register.

  • A richer and warmer sound. It easily changes the sound of your trumpet from sharp to mellow, perfect for ballads and slow jams.

  • Saved strength and space in your luggage. Unlike additional musical instruments, the compact adaptor can be stored in your pouch together with the mouthpieces, thus, it doesn’t take much room.

  • Better chances for musical experiments on tour. Make some parts of the musical piece sound different by changing the timbre, and experiment with the sound of your band or orchestra – no need to switch between two instruments.

Product Description

We are pleased to introduce the specially designed adapter from KGUmusic that allows a cornet mouthpiece to fit perfectly on the trumpet. As you may know, the visual difference between the trumpet and the cornet directly affects the sound of these instruments. The trumpet produces a brighter and more vibrant sound, while the cornet produces a softer and warmer tone. The trumpet mouthpiece has a different sound compared to the cornet mouthpiece. The cornet mouthpiece produces a softer sound and enriches the instrument with lower and smoother overtones during play.

The KGUmusic cornet mouthpiece adapter compensates for the difference between the cornet mouthpiece and the trumpet by adding some length. This enables your trumpet to acquire a mellower sound without distorting its range. Now you no longer need to switch between two instruments. This is especially convenient when you need to perform lyrical compositions with a deep sound, but you want your case to meet the minimum carry-on baggage dimensions. Alternatively, if you don't plan to carry many things with you, it is much easier to carry a trumpet mouthpiece adapter than an additional instrument. Simply take the adapter from your mouthpiece pouch and place it on the instrument. Done! You are halfway to achieving a warmer and more richly textured cornet sound without any hassle.

Of course, you can modify the sound by utilizing proper breathing techniques, which can be quite exhausting. However, if your conductor doesn't insist on using only a cornet or if you only need the cornet for a few bars, it is more convenient to use the adapter rather than carrying two instruments with you. Additionally, as a musician, you can use the adapter to achieve a cornet sound according to your personal artistic vision. For instance, if you feel that certain parts of a musical piece would sound better with a different timbre. The adapter can be utilized by individual musicians or by a group of performers together.

Video on our Youtube channel with this mouthpiece adapter:

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