T.A.S.L - Trombone adapter for S. shank and L. shank mouthpiece



  • Makes possible to use your favorite mouthpiece with a thin leg on various trombones
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Comfortable for taking on tours
  • More freedom for self-expression in music

Product Description

There are two standard types of trombone mouthpieces – a thick and thin leg. They are not interchangeable, that’s why the instruments, aimed at using mouthpieces with thick legs, require mouthpieces only with thick legs, and no others.

However, with this adapter, it’s possible to use the mouthpiece with a thin leg on the trombone that requires a mouthpiece with a thick leg.  This function makes the adapter an all-purpose tool for musicians.   There’s no need to change a mouthpiece that feels very good and is comfortable for playing – instead of it you need to install an adapter.

Due to the compact size, the adapter doesn’t steal the space in your luggage, so it’s a good option for taking tours and traveling. As it’s easily and quickly installed, the process of installation at the concert doesn’t take much time, even if you use various types of mouthpieces.

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