T.A.F. + T.A.FH. + T.A.C. | Three mouthpiece adapters for trumpet

$49.90 $59.97
We are excited to introduce a special bundle that includes three innovative mouthpiece adapters, each designed to expand the sonic capabilities of your trumpet.

Products in the Bundle:

T.A.F. - Trumpet Adapter for Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Achieve the mellow, warm sound of a flugelhorn with your trumpet.

T.A.FH. - Trumpet Adapter for French Horn Mouthpiece

Delivers a deeper, warmer French horn sound.

T.A.C. - Trumpet Adapter for Cornet Mouthpiece

Transforms your trumpet to produce the soft, mellow tones of a cornet.

Whether you're a solo performer or part of an ensemble, these adapters allow you to seamlessly adapt to different musical styles, making every performance unique.

Grab this exclusive offer now and explore new musical horizons without the hassle of extra instruments!
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