MG Leather Work

Saxophone leather mouthpiece for 1-3 holder


The MG Leather Work Saxophone Mouthpiece Pouch is a great way to ensure the full protection of your saxophone mouthpiece, while simultaneously providing a stylish and sophisticated look. It is made from the finest quality leather, designed to last and protect your saxophone mouthpiece for years to come.

With the MG Leather Work Saxophone Mouthpiece Pouch, you can rest assured that your instrument will be safe and secure. This particular model is made of high-quality leather and is suitable for 1-3 saxophone mouthpieces, be they metal or hard rubber. It also features an easy-to-use button stud closure to ensure secure locking.

Additionally, it comes with a belt loop for easy carrying. All of this makes the MG Leather Work Saxophone Mouthpiece Holder a must-have for all saxophone players.

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