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Individual parts of the deflector can be ordered separately.

KGUmusic presents its trumpet deflector, a mirrored, acrylic shield designed for the trumpet.

This device efficiently directs sound back to the musician in challenging acoustic environments during live performances. It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy attachment to trumpets, regardless of bell size, and can be set up or taken down in mere seconds without the need for tools like screwdrivers.

Constructed from durable materials: the disc from acrylic, the supports from polyester, and the fastening mechanisms from a combination of brass and steel. The acrylic disc is offered in several colors, including clear and black, based on customer preference.

Product Overview

The KGUmusic deflector acts as an acoustic barrier, channeling sound directly back to the player. This is especially beneficial in scenarios where stage monitoring is poor, making it hard to hear oneself play, or in outdoor settings where the wind may carry your sound away. Simply attaching the deflector to your trumpet's bell can significantly improve sound feedback, enhancing your playing experience.

Designed for versatility, the deflector easily attaches to both large and small bell trumpets and can be adjusted for proximity to the bell. Available in transparent or black acrylic, it offers aesthetic flexibility to match your style.

Notably, the KGUmusic deflector is compact for easy storage and transport, avoiding the cumbersome screws required by other models. Disassembly is tool-free; just loosen the nuts by hand, collapse the legs, and secure the nuts to prevent loss. This process transforms the deflector into a compact unit in under 15 seconds, ready for your next performance. Setting it up again is just as quick and straightforward, ensuring you're always ready to play.

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