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Leather wallet with embossing. Zipped wallet

$120.00 $138.00

Leather pouch with embossing, zipped clutch bag with embossed patterns flute valves, leather purse with double slider zipper, engraved genuine leather wallet, metal zipper with two sliders, exclusive gift for flute players, music lovers, musicians

  • Material: genuine Crazy Horse leather
  • Decorated with embossed patterns on a music theme – flute valves
  • Durable metal zipper with two sliders
  • Interior made of leather
  • Compartments for banknotes, payment cards, and coins

Product Description

Our zipped leather pouch combines practical features with a durable and attractive material – Crazy Horse Leather, known for its strength, pleasant-to-touch texture, and exclusive look. The wallet is complemented with a double slider metal zipper that makes it comfortable to close and open in two opposite directions.

The interior is also made of genuine leather and has enough space for organizing various cash. It contains several slots for credit cards, compartments for paper money, and a pocket for coins, complemented with a metal zipper.

What draws attention first is definitely the exterior design – raised patterns presenting flute valves to make this clutch appropriate for people engaged in the music industry as well as for true music lovers. Due to a music theme, this wallet works well as a gift idea for flute players on special occasions such as B-days, Music Day, Teacher Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

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