Leather Wallet print of a Jazz Guitarist

$37.00 $39.00
Genuine leather wallet with an embossed picture, handmade wallet with a picture of jazz guitar, gift for jazz guitarist, jazz vocalist
The wallet made of high quality leather and decorated with the embossed picture is the best way to make the musician happy on a special day or just for fun. This accessory combines pleasant texture, the beautiful color and enough space for credit cards and paper currency. For this need, we complemented the wallet with the compartment and slots.
As it’s a folding wallet, you can wear it in the pocket or the bag without sacrificing much place. The wallet is complemented with a neat embossing representing the picture of famous jazz vocalist and guitarist, so it will be an excellent gift for jazz musicians and fans of jazz music. The accessory of such an attractive design makes an accent on an individual style and creative profession, that is why it suits every person who appreciates individuality and functionality.
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