KGUmusic Trumpet Double/Triple Gig Bag. Genuine Leather + Two trumpet shelter BAG

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Product Description (KGUmusic Trumpet Double/Triple Gig Bag. Genuine Leather) 

Introducing the new trumpet KGUmusic double leather Gig Bag! Crafted from natural "Crazy Horse" leather, you can customize your design with a range of colors to choose from. The bag is designed to hold two or three horns, including a B trumpet, C trumpet cornet, flugelhorn, or piccolo trumpet. Show off your style with this one-of-a-kind bag!

Product Description (KGUmusic trumpet shelter BAG)

KGUmusic Brasswind instrument shelter BAG protects your favorite instrument from light mechanical damage and tarnishing during transportation and storage.

  • Quality Flannel textile design to absorb any moisture and keep your horn dry

  • The double rope loop securely tightens the trumpet 

Color - Black

In search of a dependable and secure bag for your brasswind instrument during transportation? Look no further than KGUMusic's Brasswind instrument shelter bag! Our meticulously crafted bag offers superior protection against mechanical damage, ensuring your instrument stays in pristine condition. With its user-friendly design, simply throw this bag over your instrument and keep potential scratches and damage at bay. Don't risk damage to your cherished instrument - opt for the KGUMusic shelter bag today and travel with peace of mind!

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