KGUmusic Woodwind instrument Shelter Bag. Alto, Tenor, Soprano Curved Saxophone.


KGUmusic Woodwind instrument shelter BAG protects your favorite instrument from light mechanical damage and tarnishing during transportation and storage.

  • Quality Flannel textile design to absorb any moisture and keep your horn dry
  • The double rope loop securely tightens the trumpet 

Color - Black

Looking for an affordable and effective way to protect your woodwind instrument (Tenor, Alto, Soprano Curved Saxophone) during transportation? Look no further than KGUMusic's shelter bag! Our specially designed bag provides an additional layer of protection for your instrument when traveling in its original case, shielding it from debris and potential damage. With its unique design, our shelter bag reduces the risk of scratches and extends the life of your favorite instrument. Don't let your instrument suffer unnecessary wear and tear - invest in the KGUMusic woodwind instrument shelter bag today and safeguard your instrument with ease!

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