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Flugelhorn plunger mute

$47.00 $59.00

This flugelhorn plunger mute provides exceptional convenience for musicians who need to adjust their sound. It is also made with well-thought characteristics that allow for improved sound quality and performance. A flugelhorn plunger mute is a great option for those looking to enhance their instrument’s sound in a variety of settings. With its ease and quality, this flugelhorn plunger mute is sure to be a valuable asset to any musician’s collection.  It features a leather layer inside, which provides a much sharper sound than mutes with textile inside layers, and also helps to reflect the sound better and create more interesting sonic effects. You will definitely notice an increase in accuracy and a rougher sound during practice when using this leather mute. Its form somehow resembles a traditional jazz mute, making it popular among jazz musicians. However, apart from rubber and metal models, our plunger mute offers superior sound quality and improved accuracy.

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