Flamer Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster



Net Weight: 98 grams / 0.21 lbs

Introducing the FLAMER model - an extraordinary selection crafted to envelop players in the expansive and captivating tones of their music. Our latest 3D flame booster design, accompanied by a range of trim kits from the same line, offers an unparalleled experience.

This amplifier delivers unparalleled resonance, unlocking a realm of possibilities for musicians to explore truly unique sounds. Specifically curated for trumpet players seeking equilibrium with top-notch equipment, the FLAMER model perfectly complements their instruments, resulting in a harmonious blend of skill and technology.

Compatible with the most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.)

KGUbrass mouthpiece booster

(!)Do not match Heavy/Megatone mouthpieces

*mouthpiece not included


  •  KGUmusic Сustom Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster
  •  Easy to install on all the mouthpieces of classic design   
  •  High-quality products and materials  


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