Deflector – Sound Mirror for wind instruments Trumpet/ trombone/ saxophone


Acrylic deflector – sound mirror for wind instruments trumpet/ trombone/ saxophone. Reflector shield for live sound monitoring for all types of instrument mics on stands.

Material: transparent acrylic
Purpose: effectively mirrors the sound, helping musicians hear themselves in any playing situation
Compatibility: designed for trumpets, saxophones and trombones
Functionality: suitable for any type of instrument microphones on stands
Easy installation: by using black rubber cordage
Additional products: comes with a storage bag and a microfiber towel

Product description

Sound reflector, deflector or sound mirror, is designed for wind instruments such as trumpets, trombones and saxophones. It’s mounted to the stationary instrument microphones on the stand of any type thanks to the rubber cordage. The installation doesn’t require extra efforts.

The deflector functions as personal monitoring for brass players, reflecting the live sound of the instrument and returning it back to the musicians, so the brass players can hear themselves and their intonation more clearly. Additionally, it makes the sound engineer’s work easier, since the instrument’s sound doesn’t get lost in the concert hall and doesn’t mix with the sound from the speakers. The instrument’s sound stays at the stage, providing the sound engineer only with the main sound source, which makes it easier for him to adjust the balance of the whole band.

The deflector is made from transparent acrylic with black rubber cordage for installation. It comes with a storage bag and a microfiber towel for wiping. The deflector is aimed at helping musicians, who works in various music styles, from classic chamber and jazz to pop and Latin music.
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