Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece Receiver | KGUmusic

$58.00 $65.00
  • Made of high-quality brass
  • 4 various models available
  • Precision in every detail
  • Suitable for use with mouthpiece boosters
  • Available for personalization – engraved symbols, names, logos upon customer’s request

Product description

Discover the unique blend of craftsmanship and innovations with our collection of trumpet mouthpiece receivers, made of high-quality brass, which guarantees durability and uncompromised quality – distinctive features of all KGUmusic products. Each receiver is created with the help of the modern equipment, resulting in high precision of elements.

Our collection of trumpet mouthpiece receivers features a wide range of designs, ready to satisfy any aesthetic preferences, as well as multiple weight options, including innovative models with the variable weight. This allows musicians to adjust their instrument to reach a perfect balance and comfortable performing. We offer several receiver models, so you can select the one matching your trumpet best of all.

Crafted to provide the seamless unity with your mouthpiece and the lead pipe, our custom receivers improve the general resonance of the instrument and provide a deeper, fuller sound. What’s more, receivers work well with trumpet mouthpiece boosters, so you have many options for experiments with the sound.

Choosing custom trumpet mouthpiece receivers from KGUmusic, you get not only high quality and reliability, but also unique design and improved sonic characteristics, which makes your instrument a real gem among standard models. Our receivers are your step towards excellence in the world of music.

If you want to have a more personalized product, let us know about your wish, and we complement the receiver with engravings upon your request.


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