Crown for flute Dark silver. KGUmusic.

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Crown for flute, 925 silver flute crowns with gemstones, gold crowns for flute with stone inlays, gift for musicians, floral theme, leaf imitation, customized design

  • Handcrafted
  • A few available materials at customers’ request: 925 silver (pure, blackened, golden) and gold (yellow, red, pink)
  • Engraving style: floral/leaf imitation
  • Stone inlays at customers’ request: White Nacre, Cacholong, Red Jasper, Rhodonite, Bull's Eye, Tiger's Eye, Red Ruby (Faceted), Red Ruby (Convex), Charoite, Nuummite, Lapis Lazuli
  • Aimed at improving the visual attraction and sound
  • Awesome gift for flute players


Product Description

Flute crowns have a great impact on such sonic characteristics of the flute, such as the resonance and resistance, it can also change the way the musician feels the instrument in hands. Apart from their influence on the sound, the crowns play a great role in customizing the look by adding an attractive sparkling accent.  

Our flute crowns are designed to meet the demanding expectations of flute players both in terms of aesthetic and sound improvement. Each piece is handcrafted of silver or gold – we offer our customers a few options: they can choose pure, blackened, or golden silver, as well as yellow, red, or pink gold.

The crowns look eye-catching not only due to the material itself but also due to the unique engraving design, representing a floral theme – an imitation of the leaves. For a more personal look of the crown, we provide an option to choose any stone inlay depending on the customer’s personal preferences.  

The sparkling crown is more than a pretty replacement for the original plug. It’s a way to make stress your style and get more confidence as a performer on the stage. The crowns for flutes can be the best gift your friend musician has ever got on his/her birthday, Christmas, Musician Day, New Year, and other occasions.   

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