KGUmusic RS trumpet with Taylor bell

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the KGUmusic family: The New KGUmusic RS Trumpet with a Taylor Bell.

This remarkable instrument represents a significant milestone for us, drawing from years of expertise in crafting custom trumpets for our valued clientele. The result is a trumpet that delivers a harmonious and lush sound, boasting remarkable precision - an ideal choice for jazz and commercial music enthusiasts. What sets this trumpet apart is its exceptional bell, meticulously handcrafted by the master, Andy Taylor. This instrument's Trim Kit not only enhances its sound but also boasts a distinctive design that is sure to captivate both fellow musicians and your audience.

Key Features:

The Trumpet is covered with a brown patina and coated with satin lacquer.
New KGUmusic design rings .
Taylor Bell 135mm.
Key: Bb
Bore Size: ML (0.460")
Two Main Tuning Slide Styles: Reversed
"Rounded" Main Tuning Slide, seamlessly integrated into the trumpet without a brace
"Square" Main Tuning Slide with Resonator
Bell Material: Brass with a high copper content
Bell Diameter: 5.31" (135 mm)
Leadpipe Material: Twin tube made of Nickel silver
Heavy Trim Kit by KGUmusic
1st Tuning Slide Stop Screw
3rd Tuning Slide Stop Screw
Saturn Water Keys

As a special bonus, this trumpet comes with a genuine high-quality leather gig bag from MG Leather Work, ensuring your instrument stays safe and sound.
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