3rd slide kit for Bach Stradivarius trumpet + fastenings for 3RD SLIDE KIT (KGUmusic)


Elevate your Bach Stradivarius trumpet with the 3rd slide kit by KGUmusic. Made of high-quality raw brass, silver, or gold, this kit improves accuracy and control of the 3rd slide. Choose from raw brass or silver fastenings for a perfect fit. Buy as a complete kit or individual parts for customization.

Key Features of the 3rd Slide Kit:

  • Premium Material Selection: Choose from raw brass, silver, or gold options to match or contrast with your trumpet's existing finish.
  • Versatile Purchasing Choices: Available as a complete kit for a comprehensive upgrade or as individual parts, providing flexibility for trumpeters who wish to customize their instrument's capabilities gradually.
  • Enhanced Slide Control and Accuracy: By focusing on the 3rd slide, this kit addresses common challenges faced by trumpet players, offering ease of use during performance.

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