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Article: Till Brönner - German jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger, record producer

Till Brönner - German jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger, record producer

Till Brönner - German jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger, record producer

Till Brönner, “Jazz has the ability, the power to connect people and mentalities”

Till Brönner

A talented German jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger and record producer, Till Brönner takes a significant place in the world of jazz and contemporary music. Born in 1971, in Viersen, Germany, he began playing the trumpet at a young age and quickly established himself as one of the most influential musicians on the European jazz scene. Let’s delve into some key moments of his life.

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  • For his virtuosity, Till Brönner is often called the German Chet Baker.
  • Brönner was born into a family of musicians, so it was natural for him to begin with a classical education before moving on to study jazz trumpet at the College of Music in Cologne, where he had a chance to learn from many talented musicians, including Prof. Malte Burba and Bobby Shew.
  • He was inspired by the music of Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker, which he first heard on the radio during a jazz show at the age of 13. Back then, Till experienced very strong sensations that shaped his interest for jazz.
  • When he was 20 years old, Till played as the solo trumpeter for the RIAS Big Band Berlin.
  • His first album, titled “Generations of Jazz”, was released in 1993 and quickly earned a German Record Critics' Award. It became a starting point of his collaboration with many great musicians such as Mark Murphy, James Moody, Monty Alexander, Dave Brubeck, Tony Bennett.
    Till Brönner “Generations of Jazz”
  • His album “That Summer”, released in 2004, took the No.16 position at the German pop chart and made him the bestselling jazz musician in Germany.
  • Brönner is an author of soundtracks for a documentary about photographer William Claxton called “Jazz Seen”.
  • Inspired by the works of William Claxton, Till began to see a close connection between jazz and photography. Soon he started photographing his colleagues and peers with his Leica M8 camera and some time later he began taking pictures of actors, authors, athletes, activists. The collection of Brönner got bigger, and soon he was noticed by Hendrik teNeues from teNeues Publishing, who released Brönner’s photography book „Faces of Talent”. Till’s photographs have been praised for technical skills and creativity. He has often used his own works for album covers and promotional materials.
    „Faces of Talent”Till Brönner
  • Till Brönner gained international recognition for his innovative approach to jazz, based on blending traditional elements with pop, rock, and electronic music. He is loved for his smooth and lyrical performances and soulful melodic improvisations.
  • Brönner's discography represents a variety of genres, where one can recognize straight-ahead jazz, bossa nova, pop, jazz fusion and vocal jazz. In general, Brönner’s discography offers listeners a rich and unforgettable experience, as each of his albums offers something especial. For instance, listening to "Midnight" (1997), people can enjoy smooth trumpet playing, "That Summer" (2004) enchants with laid-back vibe and catchy melodies, influenced by jazz, pop, and bossa nova. "The Movie Album" (2007) offers a variety of his interpretations of songs from old and contemporary movies. The album "Rio" (2008) presents the atmosphere of Brazilian music. "At The End of the Day" (2010) provides a chance to enjoy Till’s collaborations with vocalists and instrumentalists, while "On Vacation" (2020) impresses with the mixture of jazz, pop, and electronic elements.
    Till Brönner albums
  • Till is one of the few well-known jazz musicians in Germany who are known far outside the jazz scene. The musician himself explains his success as a combination of luck, diligence and finding the right moment at the end of the day. He cites purity, perfection, and nature among his inspirations.
  • Being also a talented and successful photographer, Till Brönner has had exhibitions in many museums, galleries and cultural institutions, such as the Ludwig Museum, Museum Küppersmühle, Alexander Ochs’ Salon-Galerie, Leica Gallery Zingst.

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Fantastic write up of one of my all time favorite artists! Thanks for sharing!

Aaron Smith

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