The Bach Stradivarius Trumpets with Bell 37, 43, 72 difference, comparison, advantages

Diverse Bell Options of Bach Stradivarius Trumpets

The Bach Stradivarius trumpets hold the reputation of the most popular professional instruments on the market. The brand stands out due to the build quality and reliability of the models that provides musicians with a prolonged excitement. Let’s look at the advantages, variety of bell options of Bach Stradivarius trumpets and reasons why musicians choose these instruments.

Legendary Brand

The Bach Stradivarius trumpets are manufactured by the Conn-Selmer company. The brand was named after its founder –  a renowned Austrian-born trumpet maker and instrument designer Vincent Bach, who established the Vincent Bach Corporation in 1918. The Vincent Bach Corporation still exists as a subsidiary of Conn-Selmer. Over the years, the brand has been trusted by generations of professional musicians worldwide.

The Variety of Bach Stradivarius Bells

Bach Stradivarius trumpets feature three main bells options – 37, 43, and 72, each one provides individual sonic qualities:

The Bach Stradivarius 37 bell

Bach Stradivarius 37

The 37 bell, offering a medium-large flare, provides a good balance of projection and warmth. It is the original model, used in different settings and styles. The instruments with this bell option meet the requirements of musicians who work in different styles and seek the flexible model for that purpose. Bach Stradivarius trumpets with 37 bell can be used in various contexts, from jazz to classical music, both in orchestras and bands.

The Bach Stradivarius 43 bell

Bach Stradivarius 43

The 43 bell is characterized by a larger flare compared to the 37 bell, which provides a better projection and results in a bigger and brighter sound. These trumpets have an ability to cut through in ensemble, so they perfectly act as lead trumpets in big bands and high-energy styles such as pop music. The musicians, playing these trumpets, admit that their sound seems solid, with an extra sizzle. It’s not like the sound is dark at the bottom and then becomes brighter at the top, however it has the same consistency throughout the passage.

The Bach Stradivarius 72 bell

Bach Stradivarius 72

The 72 bell features a more gradual flare and a larger throat diameter. These characteristics result in a warm and mellow sound with a wide range. Due to rich tone and expressiveness, this bell option suits trumpeters, who work with lyrical passages and solo performances. As the Bach 72 delivers a truly dark orchestral sound, it mostly suits musicians playing in orchestras.

Why do Musicians Choose Bach Stradivarius Trumpets?

Introduced in the 1920s, the Bach Stradivarius trumpet was quickly liked by brass players. Trumpeters throughout the world choose these instruments for their exceptional quality, well-thought design, full-bodied sound and precise intonation. Playing these trumpets, musicians can achieve textures, suitable for various genres. The Bach Stradivarius trumpets suit classical, pop, jazz, and commercial contexts. These instruments are flexible and practical, ready to match any musical settings, whether it's an orchestra, a big band, or a solo performance.

Another feature that is highly appreciated by trumpeters is comfortable performance. The Bach Stradivarius trumpets boast excellent ergonomics, balance, and response, which boosts the confidence of musicians and allows them playing with ease.

What Bach Stradivarius Bell Options do Musicians Prefer?

The popularity of specific Bach Stradivarius bell designs vary depending on musical trends, individual musicians’ tastes, and the genre they are working with. However, the 37 and 43 bell options among Bach Stradivarius trumpets remain the most popular choices in the professional trumpet-playing community.

Speaking about models with the 37 bell, the best-selling trumpet is the Bach 180S37 with a balanced, focused sound, suitable for multiple genres and highly favored by professional musicians. Another popular model is Bach Stradivarius 190S37 with a lightweight body and excellent responsive characteristics.

Regarding 43 bell, musicians, especially lead players, appreciate the Bach Stradivarius 180S43 with enhanced projection and bright sound. Among models with 72 bell, the Bach Stradivarius 180S72 holds the reputation as one of the most popular orchestral trumpets with a rich tonal quality.

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