KGUbrass won the Entrepreneurship Award

KGUbrass won the Entrepreneurship Award in the nomination “Disruptor of the year” held by Payoneer


The Entrepreneurship Awards held by Payoneer took place for the 4th year already. Payoneer community was established by the entrepreneurs, who shared the common mission of helping other entrepreneurs to achieve success. This year 3,500 entrepreneurs from 120 countries have shared the great experience of celebrating the success and innovations from all over the world. The KGUBRass company from Ukraine has become a winner in the nomination “Disruptor of the year”.

The KGUbrass was founded in 2004 by two Ukrainian musicians Maksim Gopanchuk and Mikhailo Kuznetsov. At that time, they studied jazz together at the R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music. Inspired by the passion for the music and professional knowledge they decided to create high-quality wind instruments, custom parts and accessories to help other musicians to push the limits and broaden personal horizons. The company started its production in 2011. After discovering a niche gap in the industry, they expanded the product range to more than 100 products. Today KGUbrass offers their customers trim kits, boosters, leather accessories, trumpet valve guards, saxophone accessories, trumpet custom finger buttons, custom music instruments. All these products help to reach new heights in the creative work.

According to Maksim Gopanchuk, one of the company’s founder, in a lot of ways, creating custom instrument parts is like creating jewelry. Every detail not only builds the look of the instrument, but also influences the sound. Total dedication to the excellence, one of the Payoneer values, helped the founders to grow from two musicians with a dream to manufacturers who deliver high quality products appreciated by Arturo Sandoval, Sergey Nakaryakov, and highly recognized by other famous musicians.

The company continues to grow; its products are sold on Amazon, eBay. KGUbrass acquires partners around the world and works with wholesale customers in England, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, and Poland. The company has global clients from the Philippines, China, Japan, USA, Norway, South Africa, Indonesia, Canada, and Australia. KGUbrass products gained popularity among aspiring musicians, world stars of jazz and classical music. The company continues to expand its geography of sales and increase sales.

KGUbrass doesn’t have direct competition on Amazon or other sites, as many companies stopped producing these products because of expensive costs or failure to deliver the best quality. KGUbrass meets the expectations of demanding customers, offering wide range of unique products for affordable prices.

The KGUbrass company sees the win as an inspiration to open a community for Ukrainian manufacturers to share their experiences. The founders of the company see Payoneer a good chance for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to present their products on the world market.

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