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Article: Five Useful Tips for Brass Wind Musicians to Stay Productive during the Outbreak

Five Tips for Musicians during the Outbreak

Five Useful Tips for Brass Wind Musicians to Stay Productive during the Outbreak

Many people, who stuck at home because of pandemic, face the same problem: what to do with lots of free time and how to spend it in the most productive way. If you’re a brass or woodwind musician, you would definitely like to fill the void during social distancing with what you like most and can do best of all – music. In order to help you, we have compiled a list of creative and useful activities to stay busy the following days.

Take music lessons

Staying in your personal space is a good opportunity to start distance learning. It’s not necessary to leave your house to acquire knowledge these days. The Internet provides you with enough opportunities for personal growth as a musician. You can visit online classes or take lessons via Skype in order to improve your performance technique or lean playing other instruments. Such an activity will bring you much joy and help to push your limits.

Create content for social networks

How many times you stumbled across videos from other musicians with a huge amount of likes and thought you could also do it? This time has come! Start to create interesting or educational content for kids and adults sharing your knowledge and virtuosity on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Live videos in social networks will not only bring you a bit more recognition, but also increase the number of your followers. Do what you love, share it with people and let them spread the word about you!

Compose music

You could devote all the time saved while social distancing to composing music. You don’t need to go somewhere as well as you don’t have much to do. Devote your time to something that has been put on a waiting list. Challenge yourself as a songwriter and a composer, try to put the variety of emotions you feel and experience into music. This activity will give you a new outlook and maybe it will change your life.

Record music at home for sale

The Internet is not only about entertaining or educating, it’s also about earning money with what you can do. As a musician, you can record music (a certain part from a song, consisting of one or several instruments) for other people who look for a professional. Since you have enough time for searching on the Internet, find freelance websites, create an account and start a collaboration with people from all over the world. A freelance job is your personal freedom and the best way to turn creativity into profit.

Practice as much as possible

Staying at home can give you more opportunities for training on how to play your favorite musical works. You can devote the time to learning something you’ve put off. Long days and weeks with lots of free time provide you with a possibility to improve your skills, technique, get more practice and learn tips for better playing. Despite all the inconvenience and lack of communication, these hard times could help you to level up your professionalism, enrich knowledge and become a better musician. So, don’t waste this chance, take your instrument and fill the void with music!

Playing Trumpet while staying at home. Video's taken from kellinhanasmusic instagram.

In fact, playing woodwind and brass instruments provide musicians with many health benefits. They strengthen the breathing and give the lungs a good respiratory workout. Such a practice is also useful for cardiovascular and core muscles. So cheer up! Focus on self-development, try new ways of making money, bring more music to your everyday life. And, of course, don’t miss a chance to try something new.

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